Blue eyes – coming back to life?


Yet another ‘why do some werewolves have blue eyes’ post. We can’t help it. The hiatus has given us time to think, and though the mystery behind blue eyes will be revealed in the flashback episode of season three, it doesn’t stop our brains from thinking of crazy theories.

So far there are two people we know of who have, or had, blue eyes – Derek and Jackson.

Before the change into Alpha, had Derek always had blue eyes, or was there a trigger which set it off.  There must be a reason as to why the mystery will be revealed in the flashback episode; something that happened to Derek in the past caused his eyes to change colour – and that something could be dying.

I don’t see all this secrecy of blue eyes to be explained away in dialogue, I see something with more oomph – and what better way than returning from the dead. Now I have to think of possible scenarios in which a young Derek is brought back to life; maybe he drowned, or maybe he stumbled into a patch of wild wolfsbane?

We’ve seen Jackson die (twice) and return from death with his eyes glowing blue. If he didn’t have identity confusion and took to the bite in 2×01, maybe he would have had yellow eyes. Maybe. The fact that Jackson had blue eyes suggests that it’s not something born werewolves exclusively have, or that it’s only Hales who have have the blue eyes, unless the theory of Jackson being a secret Hale is still rolling around.

And this could explain why the colour of Peter’s eyes hasn’t been shown since returning from the dead. If they had been, both Jackson’s return and Peter’s would have been too obvious. If Peter’s eyes are anything but blue, this theory will be disproved, but for now, I’ve got hope.

Now that I have this theory in my head, I can’t help but wonder whether werewolves with blue eyes are seen as special because they’ve been on the brink of or past death. It could even be something that’s celebrated.

Either way, I’m betting Deaton knows why!