What is Derek’s dirty little secret?

If you refer to the Fire Incident Report that Stiles was reading in 1×05 ‘The Tell’ you will note that right at the top it says the time of the fire was at 0.7:14 a.m/p.m.

fire report

Neither a.m or p.m. is circled so we cannot accurately tell whether it was in the morning or night.

What is really of interest here is whether or not this was all done deliberately to throw the audience off in a clever smoke and mirrors ruse.

If you are sitting here going why does it matter? And what does this have to do with Derek and his secrets? Read on and let me tell you!

In 1×04 ‘Magic Bullet’ Derek say this:

“6 years ago my sister and I were at school, our house caught on fire.”

It doesn’t matter whether it was 07:14 a.m or p.m Derek and Laura wouldn’t have been at school at either time would they? Trés suspicious, eh!

And just before you object that they could have gone in earlier or stayed late for practice of some sport or something after school. Yes they could have but both or them at the same time? Also there isn’t really much reason to go to school earlier and I don’t think practices would finish this late, would they?

But wait there is more to add to the confusion and mystery. In 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’ we have Peter Hale’s ‘memory’ flashback where we see men coming with jerry cans of petrol to light the house on fire. You can clearly see that the fire starts on the left side of the house where the grate to the ‘basement’ level lies and that it is night time. So that would be 7.14pm then?

Teen WOlf Season 1 Episode 10 Co-Captain[20-28-55]

In addition to this, it seems pretty clear that the Hale family were locked and trapped inside the basement and couldn’t escape. Although a number of questions are raised about this.

  1. Wasn’t the fire electrical in nature as said on the fire report and mentioned by Kate?
  2. Why was everyone in the basement?
  3. How did they get locked into the basement?
  4. Why couldn’t they escape because we’ve seen the walls and doors are not much of a match for an angry werewolf?
  5. How did Peter survive?

However, something that throws the accuracy of this flashback into question is that Peter says in 1×10 to Scott just before the memory transfer:

“[You] could try and see things from my perspective!”

Except some of the shots in the flashback are clearly not from Peter’s perspective not unless he was outside the house when the fire was set. Of course this could all just be stylistic, or it could not be, it isn’t exactly clear. We don’t know enough yet about these memory transfers to know whether or not they can be faked.

Teen WOlf Season 1 Episode 10 Co-Captain[20-28-47]

So Peter could be lying and Peter could have secrets of his own (read more about this here).

All of this aside though it still doesn’t explain why Derek and Laura were not in the house along with everyone else if the fire was in fact outside of school hours and they had every reason to be at home? One theory that could explain why  is that Derek was either with or looking for Kate Argent at this time – it seems likely that he had a kind of rebellious and obstinate streak back then. We know that Derek believed that he was in love with Kate and divulged all kinds of family secrets to her.

In the 6th webisode Dr. Conrad Fenris describes the following:

“When I connected the woman to the werewolf myth I found that there were differences between those born and those bitten. Those families that were born into it were said to have a ritual once a year on the Wolf Moon. They call January the Wolf Moon because hungry wolves would howl outside the villages in mid winter. It’s like a family reunion, they would get together and form rites of passage, they would draw power from one other. Supposedly they were stronger together in packs, the Alpha, the Beta’s and the Omega’s, the lowest of the lows they all each contributed the strength of the pack.”

It may be pure conjecture but what if on the night of the fire the Hales were gathering together for the Wolf Moon this would explain why so many of them were at the house at one time (I mean 13 is a lot of people to live in one house no matter how big it is). From this we can suppose that Derek revealed this to Kate and she used this information to plan the perfect time to kill them all.

Derek either escaped being in the fire by luck because he happened to be somewhere else at the time. He could have been with Kate as this would definitely play to Kate’s sadistic streak knowing how Derek would suffer when he realised what he’d unwittingly done. Laura may have been out looking for Derek to bring him home for the ritual, it could have been his rite of passage ritual, and that is why she also escaped with her life.

This would explain why Derek lied to Scott and said that he was at school when the fire happened because he didn’t want to lose face or explain what really happened to the younger man, which is understandable, he is carrying around a lot of guilt.