Official Coroner’s Report

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 5 The Tell[00-22-04]

In 1×05 ‘The Tell’ Stiles does a bit of research, detective style, into the Hale fire and one of the two documents we see him reading is the official coroner’s report.

It reports EIGHT FAMILY MEMBERS DECEASED. I don’t really know a lot about coroner’s reports but I find it a little strange that there isn’t an individual one for each ‘dead’ person but what do I know really. Maybe the bodies were burnt beyond recognition, although it does say that the type of death was FIRE/SMOKE INHALATION. 

corners report 2

The report appears to contain a quick summary of what happened plus a narrative summary of circumstances surrounding death. However, you really cannot see much more in the narrative paragraph than what was contained in the list.

Though we do have the nice little sentence “THE HALE HOUSE FIRE OCCURRED AT THE HALE RESIDENCE.” Like it is possible the name Hale House Fire could have been given to a fire that didn’t happen at the Hale house but instead a dustbin or something…

I have some issues with the Hale fire like for starters how can a fire take a werewolf by surprise, because surely their instincts and excellent sense of smell would mean that it would be impossible to be taken by surprise and I find it hard to understand how they could have died of fire or smoke inhalation especially considering their considerable healing powers.  These questions have been discussed in more detail here.