How many people really died in the Hale house fire?

peter hale burnt

So after a number of times watching and re-watching the series we noticed that there were a few discrepancies relating to the Hale fire. Now obviously these could just be accidentally discrepancies and not actually important but on the off chance it was done on purpose we are making a record of it and discussing it. (Also sometimes it’s the discrepancies that become a part of the shows mythology *eyebrow wiggle*).

At the end of 1×04 ‘Magic Bullet’ Derek takes Scott to the hospital to visit his Uncle Peter who was horrifically burnt in the fire and is now (hehe) confined to a wheelchair and basically a zombie – he doesn’t do anything he just sits and stares at walls (hehe).

Derek says to Scott:

“6 years ago my sister and I were at school, our house caught on fire, 11 people were trapped inside. He was the only survivor.”

In 1×05 ‘The Tell‘ we see Stiles reading the Official Coroner’s Report on the Hale fire. You can see the following on the page:


corners report 2

Now according to Derek if 11 people were trapped inside and Peter was the only survivor then that means there would have been 10 people deceased and not 8. What does it mean??

Well either it’s just a mistake or it means that two Hales are unaccounted for and apparently Derek doesn’t realise that there were more survivors than he believed! Intriguing, right?

Support for it being intentional is that Stiles looking at the Coroner’s Report occurred in the episode directly after the number that died in the fire was first mentioned; it is not like it was many episodes or seasons later where a continuity error is more likely. Plus, Jeff Davis has said that there are clues hidden in the first two seasons that hint at things to come.

In addition in 1×06 ‘Heart Monitor’ when Derek goes back to talk to his Uncle Peter about the goings on in Beacon Hills and the mysterious Alpha that is killing people he says to him:

“If you know something just give me a sign. Is it one of us? Did someone else make it out of the fire?”

If I was to hazard a guess, I would say yes, yes it does. Even though the Alpha was actually Peter it doesn’t mean that other Hale’s didn’t also survive, especially after three episodes in a row hinting at this.

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