Hale House Fire – Field Incident Report

fire report

In 1×05 ‘The Tell’ Stiles is doing a bit of research into the Hale history, promoted by his natural curiosity, and so begins the beginnings of detective Stiles. He is very much his father’s son in a lot of ways.

There isn’t really much to say on this one but that this is one of the documents that crops up in the show. Seriously, either Sheriff Stilinski is really bad at keeping private documents locked up in the appropriate places or I actually do not want to know how Stiles got his hands on this. I can imagine though.

It’s a Field Incident Report of the fire at the Hale family home. The report tells us that the fire happened at 7.14 a.m/p.m and that it was a structure related fire.

It also mentions that cause of the fire was an electricity malfunction and that arson was suspected.

arson suspected

In 1×05 Kate Argent also says to Derek:

“You never were good with electricity were you? The fire ha ha.”

Thus lending weight to truth of this. There are however some things that seem to contradict this and you can read about them here.