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Season is cut in two – 3a and 3b – one part leads into the next but they’re trying to keep them separate. Trying to make them feel like big movies.

They know what the last scene of episode 12 is.

The 4 month jump is to show the growth of the characters without seeing them dealing with the events of the last season.

They’re shooting episode 10 the next week. Jeff is in the process of writing it now.

They will redeem Allison this season and make her a hero again.

You find out what happens to Jackson in Episode 1.

They’re going for a horror season – they do a lot fo things that’s dark with heavy drama. There’s still humour.Christian Taylor directed episode 6.

There’s a scene in 3×09 that cements the relationship between Lydia & Scott and how Lydia will be able to help in the future.

Scott’s father – we will eventually see him and he’ll play a pivotal role in the show.

3×06 scene: it’s the most emotional they’ve done. There were real tears on set.

Posey on playing Scott: “We are the same dude now.”

Posey has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. It’s referenced in the season. Posey: “WHO CARES!?” Dylan: “I care for you.”

Jeff was discussing Dylan (Stiles) growing his hair out to show he’s moving on from Lydia…

Scott uses his time apart from Allison as a chance to take ownership of himself and (“what did you say?”) to grow.

Alpha twin(s) might be involved with Danny.

Stiles may use a baseball bat this season. Dylan doesn’t know whether it’s badass or comical. It might be in episode 10.

We might find out a little bit more about Stiles’ mom.

Will we see more of Stiles’ ADHD and panic attacks. 33:30. It’s a character conflict.

Music choice is down to the music supervisor who travels to find new music.

Jeff says that it’s very likely not that Stiles will ever be a werewolf.  (37:00)

What the Alphas want – the Alphas do have a purpose. Much of that is part of the greater mystery.

Kali plays a pivotal role in the overall mystery. Jeff likes to have bad guys who believe they’re the good guys.

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Story arc for season 3 – “Alpha werewolves and new power and the rising to power – the grasping of power.”

Peter becomes more of an ally this season” ; Jeff finds it interesting to turn the bad guy to a good guy. The heroes are always tested and it’s nice to test the villains too, to give them new dimensions.

Scott & Allison – you’ll see them coming together in some ways but not in others.

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Lydia is a big part of the mystery this season

We’ll see a platonic relationship form between Stiles & Lydia. There’s a new-found respect in this relationship.

We’ll find out about the mystery of blue eyes this season – there is a reason. It definitely has something to do with the flashback episode.

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Jeff has cut the 24 episodes of season 3 into 2 parts (1-12 and 12-24).

The Alpha Pack arc is confined to the first part of season 3.

Will we see Gerard: that’s a secret. Gerard is not dead.

Jeff didn’t have any idea just how important Lydia would become. Lydia is an important player in everything, she has a bigger part of the mythology.

We’ll see a new side to Derek. Jeff compares him to a Greek tragic hero, one who  falls because of his hubris and brought back up by the people around him. Will we see Derek be the Alpha he wants to be? Derek will become more of a hero, so far we’ve seen him be more an anti-hero, toeing the line of a sociopath.

Episode 3 (Fireflies) will see Derek and Scott working together! Jeff hints that he’ll split them up again after though.

Jeff knows what the last scene of the season (or episode 12) will be so they have to plant clues, especially because of the mystery aspect of the show so they can build up to the reveal.

How do Ships affect writing: it doesn’t really affect Jeff in that it changes how/what he writes. It just makes him more conscious of it. He writes to please himself, he doesn’t write wondering what would appease fans – he writes what he as an audience member and lover of fiction would want to see.

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Scott is very comfortable in his life for once in the beginning of this season; he’s not with Allison but he’s working on school stuff and working out, but it all changes within the first episode.

Scott still believes there’s hope for him and Allison. “You never know.”

The Alpha werewolves are confusing them in what their intentions are. You think they want something but then you find out that want something else *shocked face* …especially for Scott.

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“Scott is an Omega so he’s a lot less powerful than the Alphas” – the leader of the Alpha pack is even stronger than the other Alphas.

Scott is the man.

We won’t be seeing much scenes between Scott & Allison especially in the beginning because they’re both in good places right now and trying to stay away each other because they’re still cooling off.

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Derek and Scott are allies this season, “They’re buddies, they’re definitely buddies”. Derek knows that Scott can handle his business.

Season 3 will have bigger scenes and monologues – “deeper with the acting.”

They’re on episode 9 at the end of March.

Stiles’ dad is going through some “crazy stuff.”

Scott & Allison – They have scenes where they’re close to each other, maybe having scenes where they almost kiss but it doesn’t happen. They’re taking a step back from each other romantically.

Scott rides a motorbike this season.

The tone for season 3 is darker, more cinematic, looks and feels more like a movie. “It’s so urrrghhh.”

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Scott & Stiles may have to separate themselves from each other at times dealing with other things.

Stiles becomes more of a detective, and Scott, the hero.

Stiles struggles with whether to whether to tell his dad or keeping this all a secret, and how to keep him safe. Stiles feels a lot of guilt having to lie.

How Scott is emotionally dealing with Allison – Scott’s mom’s ‘in a better place now.’

Season 3 picks up 4 months after last season left us

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As Stiles gets further and deeper into this detective aspect, keeping his dad in the dark becomes an issue.

Dylan assisted in a scene: “it was really cool.”

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Derek & Stiles are more separate this season. As are Scott & Stiles.

Stiles & Lydia become a tandem this season. His feelings for Lydia are shelved for a while. He’s trying to move on from that. They solve a lot of things together.

Stiles is trying to figure out what’s going on – people are dying they don’t know why or how – Dylan suggests that the Alphas are killing in human form – and that’s what Stiles is trying to figure out. It involves Lydia and his dad.

Season 3 will look into history: Deaton and his family, and Argents and their war with werewolfkind.

Most difficult scene to shoot: Scott (T-Pose, bro-pose) and Dylan – their scene in 3×06 – emotional and heavy scene. “Talking him down from a ledge type thing.” They tap into an emotion they’ve never had to before. It meant a lot to him.