Poison Directory : Plants Toxic to Werewolves


While I am dubious that you could actually find plants toxic to werewolves in a poison directory, this is nonetheless what Stiles is researching at god-knows-what-hour of the morning during 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’.

You can read the following on his computer screen:


Aconite derived the name WOLFBANE [sic] in ancient times as arrows tipped with the juice of the plant were used to kill wolves. Bait was also set out and poisoned with ACONITE for the same purpose.

The Aconitum is a tall plant with a purple or bluish flowers and it is renowned for its toxicity. The name is linked with the phenomenon lycanthropy, the turning of a human into a wolf when the moon is full. It is derived from the…

Well the hunters still use arrows or bullets tipped with wolfsbane to kill werewolves.

Also, over the last two seasons, we have become very familiar with this little purple plant and its various properties. Let it be noted that within the Teen Wolf universe the different strains of wolfsbane do different things to a werewolf, and apparently have different scents as mentioned by Victoria Argent in 2×08 ‘Raving’. You can read more about the various properties and uses of wolfsbane here.