Lycaon – The First Werewolf


Stiles does some all night research in 1×01 once he realises Scott has been bitten by a werewolf.

We feel like it is our duty to make notes of all the mythological things that appear during the show just in case they’re actually important.

The following is a direct extract from the website that Stiles was reading:

image from lycaon website

Lycaon [The First Werewolf]

Lycaon was the cruel king of Arcadia who offered Zeus a meal containing meat from a roasted human being. Because of this, Zeus transformed Lycaon and his sons into wolves and also he sent a thunderbolt which struck Lycaon’s house.

People believed that a person who became a wolf could again be changed into a man if he did not eat any human meat during ten years, otherwise he had to stay in the shape of a wolf for the rest of his life.

The rest of the page is not as clear but there seems to be a paragraph talking about why werewolves are often referred to as lycans which can be tracked down to its ancient Greek origins and the story of Lycaon the first werewolf.

Although the information from the website Stiles visits matches the actual mythology of Lycaon, the above paragraphs do not appear anywhere on the internet word for word so seems to have been written specifically for the show.

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