Blue eyes!

derek blue eyes


Well I think I might have figured it out! Jeff Davis has been talking about how this season is all about power. He also said somewhere that their are clues hidden in the previous two season which has lead to the religious re-watching of everything many many times – we actually think we’re getting somewhere.

In Season 2 Derek explained that his lovely tattoo is symbolic of the Omega, Beta and Alpha and how each can rise and fall to become the other – POWER!

So to cut a longer ramble short as Jeff Davis has also mentioned that eye color will be very very important this season (thank god because I want to know what it means) and that power is also important this season what if it is related to power.

Well obviously it is already related to power. Alpha’s have red eyes and Betas have yellow or orange eyes.

BUT DEREK WAS A BETA AND HE HAD BLUE EYES! Jackson also had blue eyes once he finally turned into a werewolf from a Kanima.

What does this all mean?

Well I wracked and wracked my brains came up with a million different theories (which you can read here) but finally settled on this one as the front runner.

I propose that having blue eyes as a werewolf means that you were once an Alpha but lost it or gave it up. Read a theory here.

Jackson evolved into his Alpha form as a Kanima (god knows why but he did) when he became a werewolf he was no-longer an Alpha.

Derek could have been an Alpha some time in the past and gave it up.

Peter was an Alpha with Red eyes and is now a Beta but we have yet to see his eyes. If they are blue I will declare myself right.

Otherwise my theory is a bit circumstantial now that I have typed it out but seriously it makes sense because of the POWER AND STUFF!