Recap: 2×12 – Master Plan

In a body bag in an ambulance, Jackson oozes clear liquid in the back of the ambulance. Melissa goes to the hospital with them.

Stiles is led to the basement by an unknown hunter. Stiles complains throughout and is pushed down the stairs landing face first on the concrete. He turns on the light and finds Boyd and Erica tied up.

Sheriff Stilinski is trying to keep it together as he talks to Scott and Isaac. He has meeting with the medical examiner regarding Jackson and there’s an APB (All-Points Bulletin, if you didn’t know, I sure didn’t) out on Stiles. Once the locker room is empty, Scott wastes no time in destroying more school property and yanks the locker door off its hinges. Scott plans to track Stiles by scent but turns around to find Derek and Peter.

Scott’s reaction: “Holy Shhhhhhhh[it]”

Cut to Stiles: “Shhhhhhhh.”

Stiles tries to free Boyd and Erica but there are live wires binding them. Gerard comes downstairs and Stiles wants to know what he’s doing with them. Even though Boyd and Erica tried to leave the pack, Derek is still their Alpha and there is a strong instinct not to give him up. If Boyd and Erica were so willing to leave, surely their ties to the Derek wouldn’t be as strong.

During the whole encounter, Stiles is so calm and strong, mentioning to Gerard that Scott knows his scent; it’s pungent, well it’s more of a stench. Gerard hints that he wants Scott to find Stiles bloodied and beaten to a pulp. Even with the threats, Stiles manages to look him in the eye and make comebacks.


Gerard’s jaw does this weird beating thing; Stiles is getting to him. He wants Stiles to be afraid of him, but he’s defiant. Stiles has enough and challenges Gerard. “You’re like what, ninety? Look, I can probably kick your ass up and down this room.” Gerard snaps and backhand slaps Stiles and he hits the floor. He starts punching the crap out of Stiles. Boyd and Erica look away.

Derek confronts Scott about him working with Gerard and Scott counters with the whole ‘he threatened to kill my mum’ business. Peter’s on Scott’s side (not that anyone cares) “Have you seen his mum, she’s gorgeous!” Derek and Scott tell Peter to shut up. Peter rolls his eyes.

Isaac whispers in Scott’s ear, wondering who Peter is – Derek’s crazy uncle risen from the grave after he tried to kill them all. What a lovely introduction. Peter waves. Isaac tells Peter and Derek that Jackson is dead and we find out that this only happened because Gerard wanted it to happen and not because Jackson sacrificed himself. Derek turns to Peter and asks why – he’s putting too much trust in Peter.

Allison and Gerard are having a conversation when Chris walks in and mentions seeing the lights flicker. Gerard tells him it’s probably just one of the guests downstairs making themselves comfortable. Gerard moves to leave but Chris blocks his exit with his arm and demands to know what happened at the game. Gerard tells him that they won. Instead of waiting for Chris to lower his arm, he forcefully makes him lower it.

Allison is being rude to her dad. Chris mentions Scott and we see a flicker of emotion. She then goes on to complain that Chris should be proud of her when there’s nothing to be proud about. She may be blinded by the death of her mother and the manipulation on Gerard but she must know right from wrong.

Melissa is at the morgue and notices goo dripping from the table. She unzips the black bag and calls Scott. He needs to see this.

Sheriff Stilinksi is in Stiles’ room on the phone asking around after Stiles. “Oh come on, Stiles. Where are you?!” He says to himself – only it’s not to himself because Stiles walks in. “I’m right here.” One side of his face covered in bruises, cuts and scrapes and he has a bust up lip. He tells his dad that it was the rival team who did this and he didn’t see their faces, but that doesn’t stop him from threatening to pistol whip the fuckers who did this.

Stiles finally starts crying. Though I don’t think it was because of his time at the Argents’ – it’s his dad’s reaction. If he got hurt – if he died, his dad would have been alone, and thinking about that is unbearable. The way his dad starts telling him to give him names and descriptions, the way he gets fiercely protective before Stiles shouts ‘Dad, I’m okay, I’m okay.’


Scott, Isaac, Derek, and Peter are at the old Hale house and Peter brings out a laptop from where he hid it under the stairs. If Derek actually renovated his house, he would’ve found it and wouldn’t need Peter’s help. “What is that, a book?” Derek asks — “No, it’s a laptop. What century are you living in?” Peter transferred all information and records onto a laptop after he got out of the coma. It’s like their very own bestiary!

Stiles is resting, his hurt side is on the pillow so all we see his good side. Lydia turns up at his door; she’s upset that she didn’t get a chance to see Jackson to return his spare key. Which doesn’t really matter anymore since he’s dead.

Scott and Isaac join Melissa at the morgue and stare at Jackson’s body with the weird cocoon thing. Jackson twitches. Meanwhile, Chris is in the basement telling Boyd and Erica about electric currents and its effect on werewolves and turns the electricity off to let them escape.

Stiles’ phone rings and Lydia tell him it’s from Scott. He’s avoiding him and I don’t know why. Lydia gets up and looks around, finding  jewellery on top of his drawers. Stiles tell her that he bought them for her birthday; he bought lots of stuff because he didn’t know what to buy her. He even bought her a TV. Stiles looks so cute explaining why he bought them. Lydia looks flattered. Lydia still has Stiles’ phone in her hand when there’s a text. She reads it and then shows it to Stiles. It doesn’t look good.

Derek gets a call from Scott telling them about the transparent casing around Jackson. Peter is on his laptop browsing through Tumblr or the supernatural equivalent. Peter finds out that the Kanima can grow wings! They decide that Scott and Isaac need to bring the bring the body to them, but Jackson is wriggling around like crazy so they decide to meet halfway.

Peter finds an animation of the Kanima in it’s large winged form and plays it. Derek moves in closer but jumps back at the sound of screeching. The way he jumps is so cute. Peter swiftly closes the laptop, as if that will make him unsee what he just saw. If it was frightening enough for Derek to get scared, it must be bad.


Gerard uses bond to the Kanima to find out Derek’s location and wakes Allison up – “It’s starting.”

Outside the hospital, Isaac and Scott shuffle through the car park carring Jackson in the body bag. They drop it by accident – if this wasn’t such a serious matter, if they weren’t illegally transporting a dead(ish) body, I’m sure they would have cracked up laughing. Chris arrives and tells Scott and Isaac that they have a common enemy. Scott accepts Chris’ offer to help.

Peter warns Derek that they might be moving too soon – they need Lydia and they’re racing to Gerard. Derek says if he has the chance to kill Jackson, he’ll take it.

Lydia wants to help Jackson but Stiles gets angry; she doesn’t care if she gets hurt and Stiles he tells her that death doesn’t happen to just her. It happens to everyone. Stiles is talking from personal experience. Stiles slightly scares Lydia, getting up in her face trying to get the message across. What happened to Stiles was a message, it wasn’t meant to just hurt him, but to the people closest to him. Lydia is determined to find him herself and storms out.

Stiles’ dad looks reeeeaally good in this scene! His dad reminds Stiles about the game and how proud he was. Stiles smiles. “You were amazing. It was pretty much over and then you got the ball and you started running, you scored and then the tide just turned… You weren’t just the MVP of the game, you were a hero.” Stiles is modest. “I’m not a hero.” YES YOU ARE!


They’re at the warehouse the rave was held in and Chris, Isaac, and Scott arrive. Where’s Derek, they ask. Derek only arrives by running on all fours before doing a flip and landing in front of the car. Peter says it so well from where he watches in the distance – “Someone certainly enjoys making an entrance.”

Derek is such a show off. Anything to be able to get to do stunts though, I guess. I don’t know who Derek was trying to impress though – maybe he thought Stiles was there…

Derek looks shocked to see Chris there who assures him that he’s only there for Jackson. Derek does not find this comforting. Scott asks where Peter and Lydia are. Derek doesn’t answer. We see Peter being a creeper and watching from a distance. His werewolf claws are out.


Derek unzips the body bag; he wants to kill Jackson so Gerard doesn’t become more powerful and destroy them. Chris doesn’t believe it, he defends his dad saying that he believes that Gerard would kill Jackson because he’s rabid, not use him to kill. Gerard turns up and backs his boy up. “Anything that rabid, that out of control is better off dead.” Jackson wakes up and impales Derek on his claws. He suspends in the air and throws him aside.

Isaac gets shot with an arrow courtesy of Allison. I swear she was aiming for Scott. I guess she doesn’t love him that much if she was ready to hurt him. Scott drags Isaac to safety. Chris shoots at the Kanima but the Kanima uses its long tail to grab the gun and throw it.

Derek does a fancy flip and he and the Kanima face off. Scott and Isaac join the party. The music from the opening sequence starts playing and I freak out. They’re thrown left, right and centre. Derek gets injured and falls to the ground and the look on Isaac’s face is intense; it’s like he’s going to sacrifice himself to save his Alpha – but before he can do that, Allison comes and slices Isaac up.

Allison sees Derek on the floor and goes after him but Kanima stops her, his hand around Allison’s throat. Gerard walks in from the shadows. He doesn’t want Derek dead yet. Peter looks shocked and I realise that Derek was moments away from death and Peter did nothing.


Gerard is dying and wants the bite so he can survive which is such a hypocritical thing to say seeing how he forced his son to kill Victoria. Chris calls his dad a monster. We find out Gerard is one soulless, heartless sonofabitch – he’d kill his own son to survive.

Gerard calls for Scott. He changes back to normal and grabs Derek by the neck, digging his claws in. Derek warms Scott that if he killed him, he’ll become the Alpha. Gerard lifts his sleeve and gets the bite from Derek. He raises his arm up in the air triumphantly but suddenly his body starts rejecting the bite and he vomits out black goo.

Scott tells everyone that he always had a plan and switched Gerard’s pills so he’d been unknowingly ingesting mountain ash this whole time.

Gerard orders the Kanima to kill them all. Stiles saves the day, crashing into the warehouse and runs the Kanima over with his Jeep. He was driving with his eyes closed. “Did I get him?!”

The Kanima jumps up and Stiles rushes out of the car. Lydia stops and tries to get through to Jackson, holding up the spare key and Jackson returns to normal.  He looks at Lydia before backing away and holding his arms out ready to die.


Derek and Peter stab their claws in Jackson and he falls down. Lydia runs to his side and all Jackson wants to know in his last seconds is whether Lydia loves him. She does. Jackson wakes up and opens his eyes – his eyes are blue. He makes a weird looking werewolf. Lydia runs to hug him and it cuts to Stiles who has tears in his eyes. Scott notices the tears and Stiles says he’s crying over his Jeep.

Later, Allison breaks up with Scott who’s fine with it because he’ll wait for her, but Allison doesn’t want that. “There’s no such thing as fate.” — “There’s no such thing as werewolves.”

Erica and Boyd run in the woods at night. I guess they’re following through with leaving. They meet more werewolves who surround them and get their claws out. What will they do with Erica and Boyd. Kill them? Turn them? Kill one and send the other to send a message?


In the morning, Deaton’s crouches low to investigate blood spatter on the floor outside the warehouse. Ms. Morrell makes a comment about him coming out of retirement. They’re going to hunt down Gerard who escaped the night before!

Derek, Isaac and Peter arrive at the Hale house to find the front door vandalised. There’s an Alpha pack in town with their very own symbol.


Peter tells Isaac (and us) just why Derek was so eager to build a pack; because he’s a new Alpha, people take notice. I’m guessing that the Alpha pack either wants Derek’s powers or they want him to join their pack. And to do that, they have to get Derek to kill the Betas and all ties to his old life. We don’t know whether the Alpha pack are good or bad. The scene with Erica and Boyd sways towards the bad side, what with the claws and the howling – but what if the Alpha pack have only arrived to fend off a larger, more powerful foe.

The finale ends with Scott and Stiles practising for lacrosse. Stiles wants to make team captain and he still hasn’t given up on Lydia (or so he says). You gotta give him this, that boy is persistent. Scott tells Stiles that he’s right back where he started. Stiles reminds him that he still has him. I love the way it ends. It’s like the calm before the storm. I hope they enjoy their summer before the shit hits the fan.