Recap: 2×11 – Battlefield

Opening sequence. Many, many close-ups of Stiles. We notice he has lovely eyes, gorgeous eyelashes, a pretty mouth, and flawless skin. Aside from all the very welcome shots (which I’m sure will be used in many, many Sterek fan videos) the underlying message in this scene is powerful.

Stiles feels alone; things between his dad are tense, things with Scott aren’t much better. That right there is everyone Stiles has (or thinks he has at this moment). He’s got no one to really talk to right now and that must feel suffocating. Like the walls are closing in and he can do nothing about it but wait.

teenwolf0211-0182 The way Stiles fidgets with the lacrosse stick, showing his anxiety, his vulnerability is something the counsellor picks up on – and something Stiles didn’t think he outwardly displayed telling by his reaction to the question – “Why would you ask me that?” The tone and expression on his face says it all.

Jackson isn’t himself, we see him looking down at his hands; Lydia is apparently the most functional out of them all; Allison is ‘coping’ with her mother’s death and in turn has got closer to her father. We see them narrowing down their search for Derek and his pack, closing in on the train station. Allison has a moment where she checks for hidden messages on her window as she used to, showing us that there is hope for their relationship yet; and Scott has trouble with his mum after she finds out about him being a werewolf, it cuts to Scott trying to talk to Melissa, both looking upset.

Stiles has trouble sleeping, he’s jumpy, and has the constant fear of something bad happening. The way he words this got to me – “Aside from the not sleeping, the jumpiness and the constant, overwhelming crushing fear that something terrible’s about to happen” – that’s two too many adjectives for me and shows us just how much it affects him if one adjective isn’t enough.

It’s reflex. You have to take in the water eventually. (I’m helpless. It’s just a matter of time). He feels vulnerable, and the close up shots while he speaks is evident of that. They expose him.

The counsellor ends it with the words of Winston Churchill – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Stiles looks up, looking as if those words have got through to him. We’re sat here wondering what’s to come if these words were spoken – and to Stiles of all people. *activate panic mode*

Scott comes out of the shower. I hope he’s wearing a towel when he goes to his room because Gerard’s there and he wants to talk. Did I mention Jackson is also there (in Kanima form) chilling a few feet off the ground, Melissa dangling by his fucking tail.


That must not be comfortable.

Gerard tells Scott that he wants Derek and his pack and seems to think that Scott has the means to draw them out. With the proper motivation – Jackson. Melissa tells Scott to give him what he wants. Scott tells her it’s not that easy. At least he knows that much.

Boyd and Erica are on the forest and they hear wolves. Another pack?

Derek’s looking through books and Boyd and Erica come in, telling him that they’re leaving during the game. They’re scared, they’re young and I don’t blame them. Derek gives them a line about being in a pack and Derek tells them it’s not easy – they reveal they already found one and Derek’s face just falls. It breaks my heart.

Derek tells them that it might be a trick. Wolves changing the tone in their voice to sound like many.

“You’re running. And once you start you don’t stop” – Derek sounds like he’s talking from experience. He should tell them – let them know that he knows how they feel and they shouldn’t feel alone. Boyd looks hesitant to leave and Erica pulls to make him leave.

Derek takes a long hard look at himself with a broken mirror before throwing it at Peter who’s just walked in. Peter catches it effortlessly, just before it pierces his skin. HE’S A MAGICIAN!


Isaac is in the vet clinic and the dogs start barking like mad. Why don’t they like him?

There’s a dog on the table and Isaac mentions a foul smell. Deaton tells them this dog is dying and Isaac looks sad. Deaton reveals another ability werewolves have – healing others. He takes Isaac’s hand and places it on the dog – Isaac looks so cute, his eyes wide and watery. His veins go black, moving up his arm before fading and he finds out he took some of the dog’s pain away.

“Only a little bit. But sometimes a little can make quite a difference,” Deaton says.

I take what he says in two ways. One – the fact that letting Isaac realise that he can help, that he has the ability to make the life of the dog better has increased his sense of self-worth. The way he smiled after he realised what he did says it all; he’s like a little kid. Two – that this ability will be of use in the future. This is just a fraction of what they can do. This was just the Beta doing it, what would happen if it was the Alpha along with his Betas.


“It’s okay, the first time he showed me, I cried too,” Scott says while Isaac cries. Here, we see a glimpse of the boy before he was turned – and it’s a sweet moment. I want Isaac to adopt the dog! Also, the fact that Isaac is so at ease with Scott even after Derek overhead the fact that he only joined the pack to spy shows that Derek didn’t tell his Betas what he found out. Derek is still not taking Deaton’s words on board.

Isaac tells Scott that Boyd and Erica are leaving during the championship game and asks for Scott’s advice since he trusts him, and that’s a lot coming from Isaac. Scott tells him that he never knows what he’s doing but does say that he has too many people who needs him to leave. Isaac tells him he has nobody and that makes me sad.

Isaac tells Scott that Jackson is going to play in the game tonight. He was lucky Isaac was there to tell him. See, Isaac is needed. He is wanted.

Meanwhile, at the Hale House, Peter is using his words to slink his way back into Derek’s life and into his pack. “I’m out of commission for a few weeks and suddenly there’s lizard people, geriatric psychopaths, and you’re cooking up werewolves out of every self-esteem deprived teenager in town.” He’s smooth and confident in the way he’s offering what he has, like there’s only his way. He mentions Derek being the only family he has left – well whose fault is that, Peter. You went and killed your niece. Family probably doesn’t mean as much as you’re letting on. He’s up to something, but what exactly it is is still a mystery.

Peter places his hand on Derek’s shoulder and you know it’s a bad move straight away. Throughout this whole encounter, you can see Derek visibly trying to keep his cool up until the moment he touches Derek. He snaps. Peter goes flying and I’m laughing.

teenwolf0211-0607Derek beats the shit out of Peter. Peter tells Derek he’s not interested in being Alpha after last time and calls Derek a failure. “I may be the one taking the beating, but you’ve already been beaten.” He’s making Derek seem like the unreasonable one by beating Peter up after saying he could help. Don’t trust him. Peter needs a pack. He isn’t healing as fast. He says he’s not a total psycho. I beg to differ. “We need each other.” No, you don’t.

“Sometimes when you need help, you turn to people you’d never expect.” Peter’s right about this, but the person he’ll be turning to isn’t Peter. No, it’s Stiles. Peter is using Gerard as a way to manipulate Derek. He has information. He wants Derek’s trust. Is this a way to defeat Derek, by gaining his trust?
It’s game night and Danny approaches Jackson asking him if he’s all right. He’s worried about his friend and texted him loads of times but he didn’t reply. It’s like Jackson’s hearing things over a muffle and it’s only when Danny calls his name that he snaps out of it, enough to warn Jackson to stay away to keep him safe. Melissa goes into the boys’ changing room and Coach gives them a pep talk – a very unoriginal pep talk – quoting Independence Day.
Scott can’t play in the game since his grades are too low. I love that Teen Wolf is showing that not making the grades has its consequences.Scott joins Stiles on the bench. Just like old times. They talk about how this game will play out – it’s gonna be bad. They might die. Stiles has tears in his eyes and he reveals to Scott his insecurities. Seeing his dad getting hurt with Stiles not being able to do anything made him feel useless. Stiles can’t do the things Scott can do. Scott reassures him.
teenwolf0211-0857“I’m losing, dude,” Stiles says. Coach comes and tells Stiles he’s in the game and Stiles can’t quite believe it. “I’m playing. On the Field. With the Team.” — “Yes, unless you’d rather play with yourself.” — “I already did that today. Twice.”

Sheriff Stilinksi is shocked to see Stiles on the field. For a second he forgot he was on the team until he was reminded by Melissa McCall who has very lovely hair in this scene. Is this like a date? You can tell me.

Gerard speaks to Scott from across the field. Telling him the game’s about to get interesting. He’s giving Scott until the last thirty seconds to give him Derek. I wonder if Jackson hears this since it zooms into his face. He starts going through potential victims, Sheriff Stilinksi, Melissa, Lydia, Stiles and Coach. I will not be happy if any one of them die.

Back to the game and Stiles catches the ball and the smile on his face is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Until he gets knocked down by opposition. I don’t mind though, because it made for a great gif.

His dad is finding this all hard to watch and Melissa and Lydia try to reassure him. He’s really fumbling out there, he can’t catch the ball, the ball hits him and people are booing. Stilinski has his head in his hands.

Scott wants to get out there but he can’t. Issac plops himself down and Scott’s surprised that he came back. Isaac tells him he came back to win.

They need to get out there but Coach won’t play Scott since he’s benched. They come up with the great plan to injure a few of their own players to get into play. Coach isn’t happy. “Can you do it without putting anyone in the hospital?” — “I can try.”

Nice dubstep music plays as Isaac injures them one by one. One of the reasons I love MTV and Teen Wolf. Jackson incapacitates Isaac, paralysing him. Gerard is watching and makes a chess analogy. Scott is finally allowed on the field. Melissa knows something’s up and Melissa is on Scott’s side, telling him he has to help. She’s not going anywhere. Gerard tells Scott about the offer – he gives him Derek and Gerard LETS him have Allison. What is this.

Chris, Allison, and some other unknown hunter are driving around in the woods on quads. We find out that they’re the ones who’ve been playing the wolf sounds, trying to lure the Betas into a trap. Erica and Boyd are hiding behind a tree holding hands.

Body and Erica are being chased through the woods. Allison gets off the car and shoots an arrow and runs. Chris tells her to wait but she doesn’t listen. Erica tells Boyd to run. She’d rather she was the only one caught and maybe killed than them both. I can see people shipping them. I can see myself shipping them. Eerie music plays and Allison is slow-mo walking. She shoots. We hear an arrow shoot through the air and it cuts!

teenwolf0211-1100Allison keeps shooting and shooting until Boyd saves her and she changes targets. Allison shows no remorse. Erica’s begging but she doesn’t care; doesn’t flinch. Chris comes right on time and shoots the crossbow out of her hands, he turns to shoot Boyd but he falls before he shoots.

Allison is cold. Demanding a new bow. Chris demands an explanation. She ignores him, actually lifting her hand up to silence him as she calls her ‘Grandpa’ and tells him to call her back. Chris remarks that she never calls him Grandpa. If this was Supernatural I would say that Allison was possessed. But it’s not.

Isaac is on the floor trying to get away. He’s partially paralysed. Gerard gets a sword out ready to cut Isaac in half. He makes a joke about loving the irony if he was doing this at half-time. I don’t think Isaac appreciates this. He’s dragging the sword along the floor when he sees Scott in the mirror behind him.

Meanwhile, on the field, the ball rolls to Stiles’ feet and he can’t see it yet. He picks it up, shuffles back and runs to the goal screaming. Sheriff Stilinski almost can’t watch.


He’s actually dodging the other players now and shooting these goals and the crowd is cheering for him. FOR HIM. He’s so confident now. He knows he can do this and it feels amazing.


Peter talks of a myth, you can cure a werewolf by calling out their Christian name. It bears a hint of truth. Kanimas’ have no identity, the same as an orphan. He needs to bring him back through his heart. The way Derek says orphan after Peter asks him who else grows up without a pack shows just how close to the mark it is for him.

Peter knows Lydia can reach Jackson. He’s been in her mind. It cuts to Lydia, cheering for Stiles. Peter tells Derek that because his ally is anger he lacks in heart which is why he needs Scott. He underestimates the power of human love and it cuts straight to Stiles, celebrating his victory. Coincidence, I think not.

Stiles looks to Lydia who’s looking at him with affection and he’s so happy. Scott breaks through the crowd and the timer has started counting down from thirty.

Stiles celebrates with his team mates and I wonder whether this is one of the first times he’s ever felt part of the team. A part of something normal where he feels he can actually do something. I look forward to future games and hope he’ll feature more in them now that Coach has seen what he can do!

The whistle blows. Jackson takes off his gloves and his eyes turn to that of the Kanima. The buzzer goes.

They’ve won the championship but before they can celebrate the lights go out and people start screaming. Scott’s mum calls out for him. She’s worried. No matter what he is, she loves him. The lights come back on again. Who turned on the lights?

Lydia runs to Jackson to find that he injured himself. He has no pulse.


Stilinksi arrives and looks around. He mumbles at first, wondering where Stiles is before it turns desperate. “Where’s Stiles, where’s my son? WHERE’S STILES! WHERE THE HELL IS MY SON?!”