Recap: 2×09 – Party Guessed

Lydia is in the shower, the sound of a crowd chanting her name. It’s only when we hear Peter whisper that Lydia turns the shower off and looks out the curtains to find herself on the lacrosse field. In the next shot, she has the dress she wore at the winter formal. They’re all cheering and clapping, holding up signs saying the love Lydia (some signs with questions marks instead of exclamation points). There’s a woman in the crowd who isn’t cheering – she looks distressed. Lydia turns around and Peter is there.

Lydia wakes up to find herself in a bed of leaves, she tells Peter to leave her alone but he can’t leave her, not yet. Peter tells Lydia about the worm moon of March and how it signifies rebirth. It just so happens that the full moon falls on Lydia’s birthday. Lydia has to do exactly what Peter wants or he’ll kill everyone.

At the Argents’, Chris cleans Victoria wound. Gerard is there and tells Chris that Victoria is already dead – “That thing over there is just a cocoon waiting to hatch.” Rude.

Derek is at the abandoned subway station and tells Scott that they need a new plan since next time they might be too injured to stop the Kanima. Derek thinks that the Kanima is his fault but Scott reminds him that it’s because of Jackson’s past. Scott wants Derek to stop keeping secrets from him but Derek is only doing it to protect him.

teenwolf0209-0295 Allison drops Matt off to his house. He leaves his bag in the car and Allison goes through his camera until she sees stalk-y pictures of her. Matt returns and he’s really creepy. Allison pretends she didn’t see the stalk-y pictures and Matt goes away.

A few days later, at the abandoned subway station, Derek has a trunk full of chains and gear for the full moon. Isaac notices the triskele on the trunk and Derek explains that it reminds him that alphas, betas and omegas can fall or rise to one another.

Lydia walks into Allison’s room with Macy’s bags to figure out what they’ll wear to the party that night. Victoria wants to talk to Allison for a minute but Allison blows her off – she’ll regret that later.

Stiles is looking through the 2006 yearbook trying to figure out the case when his dad comes in and tells him that he doesn’t have to solve it for him. Stiles says my name. They find out that all the victims were on the swim team with Mr. Lahey as their coach.


At school, Lydia asks Jackson whether he’s coming to her party, he seems out of it until Lydia touches his arm; he warns her that she doesn’t want him there but Lydia is having none of it.

Stiles turns up at Lydia’s party with a massive birthday present – we never do find out what’s inside.

teenwolf0209-0691At Allison’s insistence that it’s their fault Lydia is kind of an outcast, Scott uses his status as co-captain and Stiles gets his friends at Jungle to liven the party up.

Apparently, Erica can withstand more pain than the other betas so Derek puts a device on her head and screws through her skull.

The party is in full swing. Stiles wants Scott to apologise to Allison even if he thinks he’s done nothing wrong – Stiles just wants something to go right. Jackson arrives at the party and Lydia is glad he made it and passes him a drink. We find out the drinks are laced with wolfsbane…

While Isaac is being chained up, he asks Derek how he stays in control – Derek uses anger – it’s meaningful to him – is this anger directed at himself? You bind yourself to your anchor and it keeps your human side in control.

Chris suggests Victoria commit suicide using drugs but Victoria isn’t any other woman and picks up a knife. Gerard warns Chris that either Victoria take her own life or they’ll have to ‘run her through.’

Scott drinks some of the wolfsbane drink and likes it. He looks over to where Allison was standing but she’s left to talk to Matt as he tries to explain away his stalking as taking candids. Allison goes to walk away and Matt tries to hold her back – Allison goes hunter on him and takes him down. Allison makes it to the hallway only to be shot with an arrow. The person who shot her is herself and calls her weak because she’s always yelling for help. It was a hallucination.


The party has gone crazy. Stiles has a hallucination where his dad arrives and tells Stiles that he killed his mother and is ruining his life. He throws the bottle of whiskey in his hand and Stiles takes cover only to realise it’s not real. He scrubs at his face to get rid of the tears.


Victoria want to kill herself in Allison’s room so she can be close to her. That’s not going to be traumatic for Allison at all. As the moon rises, Chris helps Victoria stab herself just as her eyes glow yellow.

Scott has his hallucination and sees Allison making out with Jackson who then transforms into the Kanima.


Jackson sees the back of his ‘real parents’ asking after him but when they turn around, they have no faces – seconds later, Jackson doesn’t have a face either.

Meanwhile, Lydia is leaving her party.

The Betas break out and Derek calls Scott for help. He extends his claws and his bum jiggles.


Erica and Boyd attack Derek and Isaac breaks free and escapes before Derek can stop him. Everything is falling apart.

Stiles is leaning by the pool and refusing to drink water Scott is offering him to sober up. Danielle dunks Stiles’ head in water and he’s wide awake now.

Derek chains Erica up as Boyd tries to escape. Isaac returns and holds Boyd down. he’s found his anchor. I love the way Isaac and Derek nod to each other. as Derek chains Isaac back up, he tells Derek that his anchor is his father – he wasn’t always so cruel.

Derek leaves the subway cart to see Lydia walking blankly towards him. When she’s close enough, she blows purple dust in his face and Derek falls to the ground unconscious. Isaac must have been going crazy.

Allison makes it to the hospital and falls apart in her father’s arms.

Scott and Stiles can’t find Lydia but watch as Matt is thrown into the pool despite shouting that he can’t swim. Jackson pulls Matt out of the water just as the police arrive. Scott sees Matt with the Kanima by his legs. The identity of the Kanima’s master is revealed.

Lydia drags Derek to the Hale House to where Peter’s body has been unearthed. There’s a vine trailing inside the makeshift grave. Lydia forces Derek’s arm in Peter’s hand and uses mirrors to reflect the moonlight onto Peter. Peter claws into Derek’s arm, Derek’s eyes flash and Peter comes back to life. “I heard there was a party. Don’t worry, I invited myself.”