Teen Wolf spoilers from the NYCC

You can find all (or most) the important points in the article here and the video here

Most importantly are:

Isaac/Scott/Stiles bromance triangle. Scott & Isaac will become closer because of their “mutual werewolfness” and will be allies

3×01 will involve motorcycles and werewolf running

Stiles will become a “pseudo-detective – episode 2/3 will launch him into his season arc.

Season 4 is set 4 months later – they’re Juniors now.

“We’re doing a flashback ep. You will see a young Derek Hale.”

*cue freakout* We now know that said flashback episode is 1×08.

“More of Lydia’s special abilities will be revealed this season – “Women will be finding their power.”

So immunity comes with more perks…

“Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack/less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia”

We’ve since found out that Stiles and Lydia will be investigating something together, and Lydia and Scott will have a scene in 3×09 that cements their relationship (Wondercon 2013)

“Stiles as a bisexual may be spoiler territory.”

Interestinger and interestinger… STEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ll see Derek follow through when he tells Scott “We’re brothers now.”

But will Scott welcome this? (I’m assuming it’s Scott)…