Recap: 2×07 – Restraint

A couple are camped out on the preserve somewhere when the Kanima and his Master turn up and kills one of them – a guy called Sean. When the Kanima notices the woman is pregnant, he leaves her.

Scott and Stiles are in one of the offices at the police station on the phone with Allison; she tells them about the Kanima seeking a master and not a friend. They theorise that Jackson doesn’t know what he’s doing – it’s like he’s in a fugue state.

The Sheriff reads out the terms of the restraining order for Jackson against Scott and Stiles. “What if we both have to use the  bathroom at the same time and there’s only two stalls available and they’re only right next to each other. I’ll just hold it.” In Stiles’ defence, that was a valid question.

Melissa tries to ground Scott and take away things he loves and forbids Scott from seeing Stiles.

Derek’s getting ready for the full moon. Isaac wonders why they’re after the Kanima when they can focus on other things and Derek tells him that he saw the way Gerard looked at  the Kanima – he wasn’t afraid of it and he knows Gerard is planning something – Derek has to find the Kanima first.


Allison meets Scott and Stiles at the library avoiding the cameras and gives them the tablet with the bestiary translation. When Lydia asked Allison what this was all for, Allison laughs and says she told Lydia they’re part of an online gaming community, Stiles actually is. “I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.” Stiles plays World of Warcraft!

Allison builds upon what Stiles found out about the Kanima being from South American roots – a priest used the Kanima to kill murderers in his village until the bond grew strong enough that the Kanima killed ANYONE the master wanted it to. The fact that Jackson didn’t kill the pregnant woman shows that their bond isn’t as strong as it could be.

The Kanima is supposed to be a werewolf but there’s a conflict in its past that they need to resolve first. Allison figures that it has to do with his parents and decides to ask Jackson about it since she doesn’t have a restraining order against him.

Jackson goes to the biology lab early and eats a snake. Literally. We don’t know if this actually happened or if it was a hallucination.


Scott starts his make-up test. Meanwhile, Melissa snoops through Scott’s room and finds a box of condoms – there’s only 1 left in the pack!

Allison follows Jackson to the boys’ locker room – she bumps into Matt who invites her to an underground rave. Allison goes into the locker room to find Jackson – naked.

Stiles asks Lydia about Jackson’s parents and she refuses to answer. Erica follows Stiles and wants to know why he’s asking after Jackson’s parents. Erica tells Stiles that Jackson’s parents are dead and then realises that Jackson is the Kanima.

As Scott does his test, he hears Allison’s heartbeat and rushes out of the room. Jackson grows claws – claws that looks like werewolf claws and gets close to Allison.

teenwolf0207-0791 Allison pushes him away and he lands on top of her and snaps out of his trance, quickly putting on some shorts – just as Scott arrives and flips the hell out. A few sinks are broken, tiles are smashed, and they fall out of the boys’ locker room on top of each other. Erica grabs Jackson and pulls him away and Stiles grabs Scott. Allison runs out and Matt is also there; he picks up the tablet with the bestiary translation and sends it to himself. Harris gives them all detention.

Melissa turns up at the school to talk to Victoria and tells her that Scott and Allison are sleeping together. The guy Lydia keeps seeing tells her to meet him and bring the flower he gave her.

Scott, Stiles, Allison, Jackson, Matt and Erica turn up at the library for their detention. Scott has changed his tune and now wants to kill Jackson but Stiles calms him down. Stiles suggests that maybe Matt is the Kanima Master – there’s something about him that Stiles doesn’t trust. “Just look at his face.”

Jackson gets a headache and goes to the bathroom. Harris is all concerned and goes after him. When he leaves, Stiles and Scott go to Erica’s desk to ask about Jackson’s parents. Erica’s dad was the insurance investigator and mentioned that Jackson will be getting an insurance settlement when he turns 18.

Scott is called to the principle’s office. Victoria warns Scott against having sex with Allison by sharpening a pencil threateningly.


Jackson makes it to the bathroom to have the snake he ate earlier pop out of his eye. It was nasty.

Erica pulls up the papers surrounding Jackson’s parents’ death. Harris leaves and tells the others they can leave once they finish shelving all the books. He leaves and we see that his car has the bumper sticker with the Einstein quote on it!

As Jackson puts some books away, he starts seeing words on the books telling him to close his eyes. He writes a message on the blackboard telling everyone to stay out of his way or he’ll kill all of them and leaps out of the window. Matt is paralysed and Erica starts having a seizure and wants to go to Derek.


Lydia tries to find the flower the guy gave her but can’t find it. She turns up at his house without it. In return for not bringing the flower, the guy wants a kiss. Lydia opens her eyes, looks in the mirror and sees that it was all a hallucination and she was really kissing Peter in the burned out Hale House.

At the subway station, Derek does the only thing he knows and breaks Erica’s arm to speed up the healing process and get the venom out.

teenwolf0207-1441Scott agrees to help Derek stop Jackson as part of his pack on the condition that they don’t kill Jackson.

At the hospital, we see the woman who escaped the Kanima at the hospital; she’s just given birth. The Kanima Master sneaks in and smothers the woman to death.

Peter tells Lydia that she was his  back-up plan – which I don’t get – he makes it seem that he knew about Lydia’s immunity all along when in 1×12 he would have left Lydia to die had Stiles not begged him to get her help, and later, in Stiles’ car, Peter mentions that Lydia would either die or turn from the bite as if there was no other option he knew of. Lydia is sitting by herself near the fireplace of the Hale House and the camera lowers below the floorboards and we see Peter buried under the Hale House…