Recap: 2×05 – Venomous

Jackson is lifting weights with Danny spotting him; he tries to lift way more than he can handle telling Danny that he can press double the weight. After Danny leaves, Jackson’s hearing gets amplified and he tries to lift the weight again but it gets too much for him. Erica helps him and takes Jackson to Derek. Derek pours a drop of the Kanima’s venom into Jackson’s mouth, thinking that a snake is immune to its own venom and assuming the same is for the Kanima. Jackson is paralyzed and Derek is disappointed. Isaac gets Jackson to retract his statement and Isaac returns to school the next day.

After class, Stiles tells Scott about some of the research he did – the one thing he found about the Kanima is a were-jaguar from South America that went after murderers. Jackson overhears Erica and Isaac talking about killing Lydia and tells Scott and Stiles during their next class. Scott asks Stiles why he doesn’t think Lydia is the Kanima and he says it’s because the Kanima is pure evil and when he looks into Lydia’s eyes he only sees 50% evil.

Some one gets up to write on the board and before Lydia’s eyes, they change into Peter who’s writing an equation on the board in the shape of a spiral. He then makes his way towards Lydia, throwing tables aside and crushes something in his hand – I think it’s a mirror he crushed – and blows it in Lydia’s face. Lydia returns to reality in front of the blackboard and we see she’s written “SOMEBODY HELP ME” in reverse on the blackboard.


In Chemistry class, they’re doing group work. Scott and Stiles try to keep Isaac and Erica away from Lydia but they can’t, and by the end, the have Lydia unwittingly ingest the venom. It doesn’t affect her and Derek watches from outside the school.

Stiles, Scott and Allison try to figure out how to stop Derek from killing Lydia. Allison thinks she knows someone who can translate the bestiary and Scott decides to try and talk to Derek. Scott is worried for Allison but she tells him she can take care of herself and pulls out a crossbow. As Scott leaves, Stiles somehow gets his hand on said crossbow and fires it at Scott who turns around and catches it before it could do any harm.

Lydia has a session with the guidance counsellor where Ms. Morrell shows her a bunch of ink blots. Lydia keeps saying she sees a butterfly – in one picture, she sees Peter’s burnt face. Morell shows that the one Lydia saw as Peter resembled a wolf.

At the library, Matt asks Jackson who has access to his house and can edit out the footage; Danny says that he could do it since he writes his own software and Matt says that he could have done it too since it’s his camera. Matt flirts with Danny telling him that they could have done it together. Jackson knows who could have done it: Lydia.

Allison gives a copy of the bestiary to Ms. Morrell who reveals the Kanima seeks a friend.

Scott goes on the lacrosse field to talk to Derek but finds Boyd instead. Derek appears and Scott tries to persuade him to kill Lydia. Scott warns Derek that he won’t let him kill Lydia and Derek hints that he won’t be the one to do it – we then see Isaac and Erica in the halls. Derek tells Scott that a Kanima happens rarely and it happens for a reason – sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. He calls werewolves shapeshifters. Derek is wearing light coloured jeans it’s so distracting. “Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.” Derek has never seen anyone who’s immune – it’s never happened.

Isaac and Erica make it to the library to find that Stiles, Allison and Jackson have already gone. They make their way to Scott’ s house.


Finstock calls Scott and shows him a mangled bit of lacrosse gear. It belongs to Danny.

Jackson takes Lydia upstairs to talk to her. He wants his spare house key back but Lydia tells him she doesn’t have it. Jackson can tell she’s lying. Jackson accuses Lydia of erasing the recording to either take his moment of glory away or protect him. Lydia tells him she doesn’t know what he’s taking about but hands the key over. “I hate you. I hate you so much.” “No, you don’t.” They kiss. Jackson’s skin starts turning kanima’fied.

Scott goes to Danny with his lacrosse pads and and told that he wasn’t wearing those since he was in goal. Allison calls Scott – Derek and his crew are waiting outside. Scott leaves, and as Danny looks at his mangled gear, we see Jackson getting up from his bed in the video, his eyes glowing…

Allison and Stiles looks out the window to find that Isaac’s missing, before they can do anything, Isaac is in the house and he throws both Stiles and Allison to the floor. Lydia goes out to see what happened while Jackson changes. Allison warns Lydia to go back and she finds Jackson has gone. Lydia locks herself in the bathroom and calls the police.

Allison locks herself in Scott’s room and notices the Kanima venom on the window sill. Erica breaks into the room and Allison holds the crossbow at Erica. She shoots and Erica catches it not realising there’s Kanima venom on it. “I thought you were psychic, bitch.”

Derek looks really happy until Erica and Isaac come flying out the door. Scott, Allison and Stiles stand beside each other and Derek tells Scott that he finally sees why Scott keeps refusing him – he’s already an Alpha of his own pack. Scott tells Derek they can hold him off until the cops get there. The Kanima screeches at them from the roof before running off and Lydia comes running out the door. They realise it’s Jackson.

The Kanima goes to a car parked on the side of the road, a bumper sticker with the words “Imagination is more important than knowledge” a quote by Einstein on the side. The Kanima places its hand on the driver side window and a gloved someone puts their hand on the other side.