Recap: 2×03 – Ice Pick

Allison finishes buying gas at the station (which I don’t think she paid for) then kidnapped and taken to the Hale House. She wakes up tied to a chair, Chris is tied up in front of her and breaks out of the rope Hulk style. Derek’s voice plays in the background and we find that it’s a voice recording (from the future according to the date). Chris tells Allison that this is how she’ll be trained; the men become soldiers and the women are the leaders. It takes Allison two and a half hours to escape, and after she leaves, a hunter is paralysed and killed by the Kanima.


We meet Erica who struggles while wall climbing. We find out she’s epileptic. After the class has finished, Stiles gets changed but we don’t see because of Scott’s locker in the way!


Meanwhile, Erica goes back to climb a wall – there are no mats on the floor this time – she has a seizure but before she falls to the ground, Scott catches her – he knew she was in trouble – his hand even began to shake.

At the hospital, Erica is wheeled away by Derek (seriously, Derek) and he offers her the bite (very creepily).


In biology class, Jackson watches a video on immunity and vaccinations and then accuses Lydia of ruining everything for him. Jackson looks back at her, obviously feeling bad but does nothing. Lydia cries in the girls’ bathroom and a barefooted man steps in front of the stall before walking away. Lydia follows. Why did Peter have all his clothes but no shoes? Lydia sees what Peter was looking at – his trophy – he was captain.

During lunch, Stiles gets the keys to the ice rink from Boyd – who’s supposed to be overweight here, but literally no one knew he was supposed to be chubby. Stiles goes to sit with Scott and Erica walks in and she has chaaaaanged – she steals an apple and leaves.


Scott and Stiles run after her to find her getting into Derek’s Camaro. Derek smiles and drives off. Stiles is jealous.


At the animal clinic, Scott drops a jar of dirt (why is there even a jar filled of dirt) and Deaton uses that as an opportunity to tell him about entropy and the universe and order. Scott asks Deaton about finally talking to him about knowing about the supernatural and Deaton diverts the conversation by offering him a raise.

Chris tells Allison to keep an eye on Lydia and see if anything is different.

At the ice rink, Scott really can’t skate. They are adorable and have a photobooth together. Lydia follows wolfsbane petals and sees Peter under the ice and screams.


The next day, Scott tells Erica that he knows Derek needs at least three in his pack. Erica asks him why they need one more when they already have him and then tells him about the time someone filmed her having a seizure.

Victoria is in Allison’s room and finds a note from Scott with the words “because I love you” written on it. She then cuts her arm with a knife and goes to Melissa. Melissa tells Victoria that Scott isn’t as upset as she’d expect him to be.

Allison warns Scott to stay out of it. “It’s like battlelines being drawn” and Allison doesn’t want him getting caught. “I don’t want you to be normal, I want you to be alive.” Stiles arrives and tells Scott that Boyd is missing.

Jackson goes to visit the Hale House to get answers but he finds Chris and a few hunters there. Chris warns Jackson to stop pursuing the bite before he has to put him down .

Stiles goes to Boyd’s house but no one’s home. Erica turns up and knocks him out with a car part from Stiles’ Jeep!


Deaton arrives at the clinic after the alarm is triggered to find the dead hunter from the beginning on his table and Chris waiting for him. Chris knows Deaton is more than a vet.

Scott finds Boyd at the ice rink where he tries to persuade him not to take the bite. Boyd tells Scott that he knows about the dangers, he just doesn’t want to eat lunch alone everyday. Scott tells Boyd he can do a lot better than that and Derek is there to hear that and orders Isaac and Erica to attack. Scott warns Derek it’s not a fair fight – for them – and beats them easily. Woodkid – Iron starts playing and Derek shifts into Alpha and beats Scott.


Boyd jumps off from the ice cleaner/smoother and reveals that he already took the bite. Scott warns Boyd that he doesn’t want to be like them and Boyd agrees and tells Scott that he wants to be like him.

Stiles wakes up in a dumpster.

Scott returns to the animal clinic expecting it to be empty but Deaton is there and he thinks it’s time they had the talk. Wounds inflicted by an Alpha takes longer to heal.

Jackson is on the field training. He gets frustrated and goes to leave but his car is stuck in the mud. He goes out to move it – we sees his reflection in the paint of the car and he manages to lift the car up for a few moments.