Recap: 2×02 – Shape Shifted

Isaac Lahey doesn’t want to tell his father his chemistry grade over dinner because he’s failing. Mr Lahey threatens to “take the conversation downstairs” if Isaac doesn’t tell him. Poor Isaac looks so scared and then so relieved when his dad just says that he should do the dishes and clean up the kitchen as punishment.

But then his dad starts throwing everything and some glass cuts Isaac’s cheek “you could have blinded me!” It heals itself, the blood drawing back into the wound, shocking his dad into silence. Isaac bolts from the house on his bike and his father follows in the car.

isaac healing

Jackson, who lives over the road, sees this as he’s taking trash out and mutters “freaks” which is rich coming from him when he literally has a bag of tissues covered in black goo in his hand.

Mr Lahey is out looking for Isaac and it begins to rain. He spies Isaac’s bike discarded in an alley way, goes to investigate, and is attacked by something with a tail – it doesn’t look like a werewolf.


Allison sneaks out to meet Scott in the woods at midnight. Scott is on edge; he wants to ask her questions about her grandfather, Gerard – if he knows about him or about them. Scott thinks they need to be a lot more careful now but Allison is adamant that they won’t be split apart.

Scott is still worried that someone might have followed her but Allison tells him that her parents are out because it’s date night.

Turns out that the Argent’s idea of a date night is blackmail and torture – standard really. They give Principal Thomas a ‘performance review’. There has apparently been an alarming deterioration in grades over the last few semesters and they want to fire him; for ulterior motives, of course.

Isaac has rushed to Derek at the abandoned subway station, his dad is dead but it wasn’t Isaac that killed him *gasp*

Stiles and Scott are in the locker rooms talking about the upcoming full moon as they change for lacrosse practise. Scott doesn’t feel the murderous rage or the urge to maim and kill people like last time; especially as things are good with Allison. Stiles insists he’s still locking him up with chains, and he doesn’t want to hear about Scott’s sex life.


Scott suddenly pauses and his eyes flash yellow – “There’s another in here right now – another werewolf”.

Lydia and Allison are walking into school talking about Lydia’s fugue state and her two day naked romp in the woods. Allison genuinely wants to know if Lydia is okay and ready to go back to school but she brushes off Allison’s worry quipping “It’s not like my Aunt’s a serial killer.” When they walk into school, everyone stops and stares. Lydia ignores them.

lydia sassy

Scott and Stiles are now on the lacrosse field discussing the mystery new werewolf. Scott can’t tell who it is so Stiles hatches a plan for Scott to figure out who the werewolf is; he gets Scott to play in goal so he can go one on one with all the players and get close enough to take a good whiff.

Meanwhile, Jackson is asking Matt for a camera to record something in lowlight all night long. Matt will lend it to him for one hundred bucks. The confusing thing about this scenario is that if Jackson is so rich (he drives a Porsche) why doesn’t he just buy a camera himself??? Dufus.

Scott keeps running out of the vicinity of the goal and tackling his team mates to the ground to give them a good sniff. “The position is goal keeper not goal abandoner McCall!” Jackson bails so we don’t know what Scott would have smelt. When Scott tackles Isaac in the air, both of them land on their feet (I thought it was cats not dogs that land on their feet). Their eyes glow yellow as they face each other.

scott  glowing

The police turn up, including the Sheriff – they’ve come for Isaac because his father is dead. “Please don’t tell them,” he begs Scott.

Stiles and Scott listen in on the police officers’ conversation since if they think Isaac is a suspect they can lock him up in a holding cell for 24 hours i.e. during the full moon. Scott reveals that even though he doesn’t have the urge to maim and kill – Isaac does!!!!

The terrible twosome continue to discuss Isaac in Chemistry class (they better be careful or they will get a detention). Scott wonders why Derek would choose Isaac for his pack and Stiles hypothesises that teenagers have a greater chance of surviving the bite than adults because Peter told him the bite either turns or kills you. If Isaac is a teenager, he can’t be held by the police without evidence or a witness. Stiles remembers that Jackson lives opposite the Lahey’s but he isn’t in class – he’s already giving his statement to the Sheriff. So Stiles and Scott throw paper at Harris’ head so they can be sent to the principals office.


The Sheriff is questioning Jackson, he knew that Isaac’s father was kicking the crap out of his son but never told anyone “Nope not my problem”. Jackson is despicable here. “You know the kids getting beaten up are always the ones that least deserve it!” Best subtle put down ever, Sheriff Stilinski!

Outside the principal’s office, Scott and Stiles have been eavesdropping – well Scott has, and Stiles tries to hide from his dad behind a magazine.

The principal will see them now and it’s Gerard! The Argent’s got their way with Principal Thomas because… erm torture is very effective?