Recap: 2×01 – Omega

The season two première begins at the lake. It’s all quiet and peaceful until we see Jackson emerge from the water. His t-shirt is ripped – how did that happen? I’m sure Derek would be decent enough to simply lift his t-shirt up to give him the bite. Jackson pops up from the lake and looks up at the moon.

There’s a beautiful shot of bats circling through Beacon Hills Preserve. We see Scott running on all fours (as you do) before jumping across a canyon. The shots so far have been amazing. It flashbacks to either earlier that day or the day before where Allison pleads with Chris as he has Scott over the bonnet of the car with a gun to his head; Allison promises her dad that she won’t see Scott again…

At the hospital, Lydia gets up to have a shower and her dad offers her help getting there which I find weird. “Maybe if I was four and still taking bubble baths.” Bubble baths are the best though – there is no age limit!

Stiles has been at the hospital and has been there all weekend. He has a ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon attached to his hand and sleeping in a real awkward angle as he dreams of Derek Lydia, presumably, and called them dirty.

As Lydia showers, black liquid begins to leak out from the plug hole. Lydia is unaware.

At Allison’s house, Scott and Allison are making use of their time alone before Scott realises that her parents are home and hides out the window. Victoria barges in and catches Allison reading on her bed fully dressed (she’s a fast dresser) and reminds her that Kate’s funeral is the next day.

Meanwhile, Stiles is in the waiting area and yawns widely as he tries to get a snack from the vending machine – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which I have never tasted but would love to try. The chocolate bar doesn’t budge and Stiles goes to drastic measures and bear hugs the vending machine. Stiles accidentally tips the machine and it smashes to the ground. teenwolf0201-0337In the shower, Lydia finally notices the black liquid. Instead of getting the heck out of there, Lydia runs her hands  in the water to find what’s clogging it (honestly, does she not watch Supernatural) and pulls out strands of hair which I think belongs to her. Lydia pulls out more and more hair until a burnt hand pops out and grabs her arm (PETER!) Lydia screams. teenwolf0201-0389 Miles away, outside Allison’s house, Scott hears the scream and knows it’s Lydia – does this show the tie that they have despite the fact that Lydia hasn’t taken to the bite. Stiles, Melissa and Lydia’s dad run into the bathroom to find Lydia has vanished; the window wide open and her dressing gown left behind. They call the Sheriff who asks for a description and Stiles jumps in with “5’3″, green eyes, fair skin, and her hair’s actually strawberry blonde.” Oh, Stiles. We find out that Stiles still managed to think fast and sneaked out Lydia’s dressing gown; he passes it to Scott so he can sniff her out. Allison joins the party and warns them that hunters are out searching for Lydia too. Scott sticks his head out the window like a puppy and it’s freaking adorable! teenwolf0201-0485 At the graveyard, Isaac Lahey (remember the name) is digging Kate Argent’s grave (1983-2011). Good riddance. Isaac’s digger is pushed on its side and he falls into Kate’s grave, he pulls himself up and watches as someone digs up the grave of a Colette Knight who died recently. Isaac drops back down to the ground and we hear the mysterious gravedigger whine and someone roar. The Omega sounds more animal than human. Derek walks over to stand above Isaac and looks down. “Need a hand?” Derek is so smooth! teenwolf0201-0607