Recap: 1×12 – Code Breaker

The final showdown – Peter kills Kate and Derek kills Peter. Derek is the Alpha now.

With Scott’s secret revealed, he and Allison lock eyes before he takes off into the night.

Elsewhere, Peter is wiping the blood from his mouth while Stiles is still knelt by Lydia’s bloodied body. Stiles refuses to leave Lydia there, saying that he doesn’t care anymore, to just kill him and Peter, using his clawed fingernail, forces Stiles to stand up and allows Stiles to call Jackson to get Lydia.

Allison makes it out of the school bus and takes a shaky step forward before collapsing into her father’s arms. Scott runs through the woods and collapses to the ground. No one’s there to catch him. He screams into the night.

Jackson has Lydia in his arms and carries her towards the school, people scream as he calls for help. They’re bloody useless.

With Stiles driving and Peter in the passenger seat, he tells Stiles not to worry about Lydia; if she lives she’ll become a werewolf and be incredibly powerful. Stiles doesn’t quite see it this way since once a month she’ll go out of her mind and try to tear him apart. Peter can’t help but add that considering Lydia is female, it’ll be twice a month. Stiles turns to Peter open-mouthed in shock – now is not the time to have a sense of humour!

At the Argents’ home, Chris is angry at Kate for revealing the family secret to Allison. He demands to know why she came back to town; Chris had a whole list of contacts he could have gone to for help but Kate called him. This is news to us since we’d always been under the assumption that Chris called Kate – or at least I had been. Chris questions Kate’s motives for ┬áreturning to Beacon Hills and Kate tells him she’s there to catch the Alpha – the animal going around killing people at random. Chris reveals that the murders were all linked to the Hale House Fire. At that, Kate’s voice breaks before telling him it’s all the more reason to keep her around, the Argents have always been blamed for the fire and Chris tells her that’s why she’ll be taking Allison to their house in Washington.

Upstairs, Victoria is helping Allison pack. Her phone rings and Victoria ignores the call, telling Allison it was from someone called Jackson. Allison tells her mother that she wants to know what they’ll do to Scott, she still cares for him. Victoria raises her voice at Allison:

“What you want right now doesn’t matter. What you need is to stay quiet. You’re catching a glimpse of something you’re not quite ready to see and there are others outside of this family who are not ready for you to see it. Staying quiet is the best protection…”

The consequences of finding out about the hunter world and not accepting it has been alluded to in previous episodes and it makes me wonder whether we’ll see this first-hand.

As Kate and Allison are about to drive off, Kate tells Chris that he won’t be able to find the Alpha without her. After they drive away, Chris reveals that he’ll get the Alpha through Scott, and he knows how to find him – through Stiles.

Stiles stops at an underground car park where a car is waiting. Stiles asks whose car it is and Peter tells him it belonged to his nurse. The past tense should have said it all, but Stiles asks what happened to her. Peter opens up the boot of the car to find the dead body of Jennifer, his nurse; she’s holding onto Peter’s laptop for safe keeping.

Scott is alone at the animal clinic as he thinks back on Melissa’s advice and beats himself up. It cuts to Allison who thinks back to her time with Scott at the prom. Scott hears dogs howling in the clinic and comes up with a plan.

Stiles tries to lie to Peter by telling him he doesn’t know Scott’s username and password. Peter sees straight through it and smashes Stiles’ face on the laptop and tells him that he can be persuasive. “Don’t make me persuade you.”

Jackson makes it to the hospital and to see Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski stops him and demands to know what happened to her. Jackson tells him that he wasn’t the one to take her to prom – Stiles was.

Stiles wants to know what Peter will do once he finds Derek – he knows Peter plans on killing more people and tells him that Scott won’t agree to it. Peter knows Scott will help because it will save Allison and Stiles will help because it will save Scott. Peter needs Derek and Scott to take down his prey, that’s why wolves hunt in packs. Scott’s username is Allison and his password is Allison. “Still want him in your pack?”

Scott makes it to the top of Beacon Hills and howls into the night calling for Derek to signal his location – a thing wolves do to other members of their pack. This is very telling. The music in this scene is intense, it reminds me very much of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.


Stiles finds out that Derek is being held at the Hale House – Peter knows precisely where – under it. He hears Scott howling in the distance and knows he’s not the only one who knows.