Recap: 1×11 – Formality

Derek is half naked and chained up, Lydia is Stiles’ date to the Winter Formal, and Scott confesses his love for Allison and dances with Danny.

Allison is driving as she thinks back to what she saw that night; Derek being tortured, electrocuted before her eyes as he shifts in and out of werewolf form. Allison asks Kate if this is all a joke to her and Kate replies that she sees everything as a joke, it’s the only way to stay sane. Allison wants to know why her parents haven’t told her yet and Kate admits that her parents don’t know if they ever will; they’re scared about how she’ll react because if she reacts badly it’s won’t be good. This suggests that hunter families have gone to drastic measures, even within their families to keep their secret hidden. Kate tells Allison about the werewolf hierarchy; how there’s another beta like Derek and an Alpha. Kate tells Allison that for now, she’s to act like a normal teenage girl, go to the Formal that Friday, and soon Allison will help her catch the other beta.

Sheriff Stilinksi pulls Allison over and tells how fast she was going – seventy-five in a twenty-five in a construction zone, it’s all good. Allison breaks down and Sheriff gets uncomfortable at the sight of her tears, suddenly feeling bad for pulling her over as he tries to waive the ticket he was about to write her. Allison manages to compose herself and says she’s fine and the Sheriff wonders if he still has to write her a ticket.  Allison finds herself in a darkened alleyway, armed with her crossbow and takes aim at a Wanted poster of Derek Hale and shoots three times. That drawing of Derek is so not accurate.

Scott wakes up good as new in the animal clinic but when he tries to get up, he stumbles and Deaton places a hand on his bare chest and tells him to rest. The door to the clinic opens and Deaton goes to see who it is, despite Scott giving him a look telling him that it’s dangerous. Peter Hale is standing by the entrance in his long black jacket and tells Deaton that he’s here to pick up. Deaton calmly tells Peter that he doesn’t have what he wants, that they’re closed and he should return during regular hours. Peter, his voice low and threatening tells Deaton again that he wants what is his but Deaton holds his ground. As Peter tries to pass the threshold further into the clinic, he finds that he’s unable to and figures out that Deaton is using mountain ash. Peter mentions that this is an old trick, suggesting that Deaton has more up his sleeve. Peter throws a chair towards Deaton, it smashes into pieces on the wall and Deaton doesn’t even flinch. Peter decides to leave but before he does, mentions to Scott that there are other ways to get what he wants, other people who are more vulnerable; Scott breathes out Allison’s name and Peter smirks as he leaves.

Scott is in his room, Stiles sitting on backwards on his computer chair and Scott tries to find his phone. Scott says that he can’t do this alone and Stiles looks at him and tells him that he has him. Stiles mentions that the Hunters won’t hurt Derek because they need him to lead them to Peter, but Scott tells him that Peter is after Allison and he needs Derek to help him protect her.  Stiles mentions that Scott probably dropped his phone while Derek was trying to kill him and Jackson and asks Scott if he’s noticing a pattern of violent behaviour. Scott tells Stiles that Derek was never going to kill them; he doesn’t want Derek to die. I like that Scott has so much trust in Derek. “Could you at least think about letting him die, for me?”  He doesn’t mean it.

Scott stops what he’s doing as Melissa comes back home – the wing mirror of her car has been knocked off. She sits in her car as she leaves a voicemail to Peter trying to reschedule and it is painfully awkward. Scott can hear her crying. Stiles tells Scott that he can’t protect every one, but Scott says that he has to. Scott thinks that everyone’s lives are in danger because of him – because of this curse he has and sees it as his responsibility to keep them safe; both emotionally and psychically; seeing his mother so distraught and broken because of Peter using her to get at Scott, knowing Stiles was attacked and nearly killed by Peter at the Care Home and that Peter is going after Allison to get to Scott makes it all very burdening for a sixteen year old. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Kate searches Derek’s jacket and finds his driver’s license and holds it up to his face; there is no lens glare in the photo of his license which suggests that it’s either fake or there are ways to control it – maybe it’s a born werewolf trick or takes time to achieve. Kate asks him if anyone has ever told him to smile more, and asks Derek if he ever just wanted to kick them in the face – I know I have. Derek tells her that he can think of one person he’d like to kick in the face. Kate looks through what she thinks is Derek’s phone when really it’s Scott’s and to distract her, Derek tells her to torture him, Kate tells him that she doesn’t want to torture him, she just wants to catch up, and mentions all the fun they used to have together. “Like the time you burnt my family alive?” Kate laughs and reminds him of all the hot, crazy sex they used to have but says that starting the fire was fun too. Kate licks his abs and Derek gets angry and looms in on her, his teeth, now turned to fangs, gnashing. Kate tells him that she won’t be torturing him and some bald guy comes in cracking his knuckles.

Scott watches over Allison as she sleep and he himself is fighting the urge to sleep.  He falls from the roof. Scott is a puppy. “Ow.”

Finstock tells Scott that he can’t go to the Formal; he’s failing classes and Finstock would rather lose his last remaining testicle than lose Scott, so not being able to go to the dance is his compromise. Scott would rather quit the team than miss the dance but Finstock laughs. Finstock tells Scott that if he sees him there, he’ll drag him out by his teeth. In the locker rooms, Scott, with Stiles by his side, asks Jackson to take Allison to the Formal. “Screw you, in fact, screw you two, in fact, screw each other.” Jackson asks Scott why he should do it since Scott left him for dead, Scott tells him that he got shot for him and takes a different approach and tells Jackson to do it for Allison; it’s Allison, you can’t not like her. Jackson says that it’s not his problem but Scott doesn’t give up. Scott threatens him and in the next scene, Jackson frantically asks Allison what time he should pick her up for the dance the next day. Scott says that he’s still going to the dance.