Recap: 1×10 – Co-Captain

Derek is under Peter’s sway as they pay Scott a visit. We find out that Peter would do anything to have Scott in his pack, even turn Melissa. Jackson gets more and more desperate to get the bite which leads him to a dangerous situation and Allison finally finds out the family secret.

The Beacon Hills team has won the lacrosse game. As the rest of the team celebrate, Scott is trying to find Stiles. He bumps into Allison who tells him he was pretty awesome out there to which Scott says you too. He’s so cute. Allison goes with it and says she did some pretty good cheering. The player with the weird hair [21] continues to chant “State, State, State,” getting right up in Scott’s face like a jerk and Allison leaves with her father. Jackson runs into Scott and tells him that he’ll make it mutually beneficial for him; if Scott gets Jackson what he wants then Jackson will help Scott win back Allison just in time for the Winter Formal which is in three days.

In the locker rooms, Danny tells Scott that he accepts his apology and Scott says he didn’t apologise – erm, why did he not apologise? As Danny leaves the locker room, it suddenly becomes deserted and the lights go out. Scott, dressed only in a towel, goes towards the shower stalls where he sees Derek standing in the darkened room holding his hands nervously. Peter sneaks up behind Scott and tells him how he never understood lacrosse; when he was back at school, they played basketball. Peter tells Scott that he heard lacrosse came from Native American tribes and they played it to resolve conflict; Peter has a conflict of his own to resolve but he needs Scott to do it. Scott doesn’t want to help Peter kill people and Peter tells him that he only wants to kill those responsible. Scott is surprised to realise that Derek is on Peter’s side, asking him if he’s forgotten that Peter killed his sister. Derek says it was a mistake, it happens; probably talking this from his own guilt he feels from being the one to give Kate the knowledge she needed to burn his family alive.

Peter just wants Scott to reach his full potential and Scott reads inbetween the lines knowing he means he wants him to kill his friends. “Sometimes the people closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most.” Scott would rather have them holding him back than become like him, and as Peter takes slow steps towards Scott, Scott takes a few steps back and I notice that throughout this, his back has been towards Derek and this must convey trust; his instincts aren’t telling him to keep him in eyesight; there’s trust there, it might not be a conscious thought but it’s there.

Scott looks to Derek, you can tell his scared, but Derek simply shifts his gaze back to Peter who digs a claw into Scott’s neck and transfers memories of the fire into his mind; Scott’s eyes glow as he writhes in pain and sees what Peter saw as he watched his family die. When Peter clawed Scott, Derek has this look on his face like he wasn’t expecting this but feels like he can’t do anything to stop it. It’s almost like with his uncle there, alive and well, he’s regressed back to the teenager he once was. Is this what Peter did to Derek to justify his actions, knowing the one thing which riles Derek up the most is reminding him of his family in pain.

After Scott’s memory flash, he’s letting it all sink in as he sits on the bench still in his towel. Stiles rushes in and tells Scott that they have a serious problem. Scott knows.

Allison is having a restless night as she dreams of Scott. I like the way they shot this scene, half with Scott there and half with her tossing and turning.


Allison wakes up and touches her neck, realising that she isn’t wearing the necklace Kate gave her. After she doesn’t find it in her room, Allison goes to the garage to search in her car, but when she hears a noise, she closes the door of her car and listens in on the conversation. Chris and Kate walk in and talk hunting. Chris holds something in his hands and says these things have saved his life more than once as he throws it into the bin. Kate knows Allison is there and she leaves the coned object on the desk and leaves. Moments later, Allison gets out of her car and investigates. They look like fancy doorknobs. Kate watches from the door with a smile on her face.

Jackson is having a little adrenaline rush as he speeds down empty roads like he’s in the Fast and Furious. His fun is cut short when his engine suddenly cuts out and he gets out of his car to figure out what’s wrong. Luckily, Chris Argent is there to lend a hand and he knows a thing or two about cars.

Allison and Lydia are in the woods, Allison has a black bag slung over her shoulder as she tells her friend she’ll just be a few minutes, she just wants to try something out. Allison mentions that Jackson is taking Allison to the winter formal and she asks Lydia if she’s okay with that. Lydia is fine with it as long as it’s just friends, and Allison goes on to tell Lydia that she knows she hooked up with Scott before the lacrosse game. Attaching the unknown device to the end of her arrow, Allison hooks it up to her arrow and shoots it at a tree where it explodes.


Chris lifts the hood of the car and as Jackson leans in to get a look, Chris mentions the marks on his neck and asks him if he hurt himself. Jackson tells Chris that he’ll just call a tow truck when Stiles rocks up in his car, music blasting as they offer to give Jackson a ride, opening the door before he even answers. “Come on, Jackson, you’re way too pretty to be out here all by yourself.” Scott gives Jackson a look and Jackson gets the message and accepts the ride.


Chris, knowing he won’t get anything out of this now, takes the device he planted on Jackson’s car and tells them he fixed it. Chris drives away and Scott shouts at Jackson for almost giving away everything; Chris thinks Jackson is the second Beta, he heard his heartbeat from across town. Scott gets frustrated and hits stiles’ Jeep despite Stiles’ protests to not hurt his baby. Scott tells Jackson that when he comes after him, he won’t be able to protect him and looks at Stiles. Stiles notices and asks him why he’s looking at him – he feels guilty for not being there when he was cornered by Peter in the Care Home.

Jackson tells Scott that this is even more reason for him to get what he wants, he wants to be able to protect himself but Scott says that although he can run really fast now, he spends most of it running for his life. “It ruins your life”, Scott tells Jackson. Jackson says that it may have ruined Scott’s life but it won’t ruin his because he knows what to do with it. The way Stiles looks at Jackson suggests that this resonates with him on some level. Jackson says it’s like he’s 16 and someone bought him a Porsche instead of a Honda, and he has a Porsche. I don’t know about this line, it sounds like he accidentally admitted that he would rather have had a Honda than a fancy Porsche. Jackson gets into his car and drives away.