Recap: 1×09 – Wolf’s Bane

We meet Miguel. The identity of the Alpha is revealed.

It’s long past home time as Mr. Harris gets ready to leave for the night. He turns his back to the class and picks up a scrunched up piece of paper from his desk; it’s a list of names with people with the last name of Harris, and on the very end of the list is Adrian R Harris which just so happens to be his name. The Alpha comes up behind him and asks Harris who wrote the list; Harris tells him it was Laura Hale. The Alpha wants Harris to turn around and take a look at what he’s done but Harris is scared, not daring to look at his face. A chair is thrown in his direction and Derek rushes in and saves Harris. The Alpha escapes and the police arrive. Derek runs.

Derek is on foot as Sheriff Stilinski and his men chase after him. He runs through the Iron Works where he sees the Hunters waiting for him and tries to stop in his tracks, sliding onto the floor before scrambling away. Chris lets Kate know that Derek is running on foot which confuses Kate because she’s chasing the Camaro.

It’s not a ghost car; Scott is driving with Stiles in the passenger seat. Scott steps on the gas. The chase continues a little while longer before Stiles and Scott realise they aren’t being chased by Kate anymore. Stiles turns on the radio and hears his father telling his men that Derek is on foot.

Out of their cars, the police have Derek at a dead end and send in the dogs. They chase after Derek who turns on them and shows them his teeth. They run back to the officers whimpering. Chris shoots a flash arrow at Derek and he becomes disorientated and takes cover. The Camaro drives up, Stiles opens the car door and moves to the back as Derek gets in, dodging gunfire. The Camaro must have received some bullet holes; I don’t see how he can get that repaired unless he knows someone or if the car is bulletproof.

Derek tells them that he almost had the Alpha until the frigging police showed up and Stiles defends them, saying they’re only doing their job. Derek gives him a hard glare but doesn’t argue, he just turns his attention to Scott and blames him for it since he made him the most wanted fugitive in the entire state. Scott wants him to get over it. Stiles asks Derek how he even found the Alpha and Derek doesn’t say anything; Scott tells him to try trusting him for half a second and Stiles, who is not wearing a seatbelt I have just realised, adds himself into the equation – he wants Derek to trust him too. Derek tells them that the last time he spoke to Laura he found out two things; the first being Harris and the second was a symbol of a wolf and a star. Scott recognises the symbol from Allison’s necklace.

Jackson is taking Derek’s advice and gets the wound on his neck checked out. The Doctor asks Jackson if he’s been having dreams, and Jackson mentions dreams of a fire; he remembers a house and screaming. The doctor takes hold a large pair of pliers and tells Jackson to hold still – “I thought you said you were just going to take a look.” The Doctor says that he is, but in order to do that, he needs to dig a little deeper and brings out an instrument which resembles claws or talons. I think this has some significance. I don’t understand how Jackson could be dreaming about the fire since Derek wasn’t there unless he is seeing Derek’s nightmares of the fire or if the Alpha transferred his memories. Jackson was fine after Derek clawed him, I think it might only have activated with the Alpha. Only an Alpha can transfer memories…

The Doctor notices something embedded inside the wound and begins to pull out a long thread of wolfsbane, purple petals falling onto the floor. Jackson screams and as he turns, he sees a maniacal Derek telling him to hold still. Jackson jumps and realises it was all a hallucination, the Doctor tells Jackson that he’s had aconite poisoning and Jackson knows this is wolfsbane though he has no idea how he knows.

After his appointment, Jackson asks Melissa if he can use the computer but Melissa shuts him down – that is, until she assumes that he’s friends with Scott and lets him use the computer for a moment. Jackson searches wolfsbane on the computer and looks happy with what he found for some reason. In school, Jackson tells Scott that he knows what he is; Scott tries to pretend he knows nothing but Jackson knows and tells Scott that whatever he has, he wants it too. He doesn’t care if there’s a risk; he wants it, and if Scott doesn’t give it to him, Jackson threatens to tell Allison everything he knows.

Scott tells Stiles what Jackson told him and Stiles tries to convince himself and Scott that it’s not as bad as it seems; that no one will believe Jackson’s stories. Scott reminds Stiles of Chris – the hunter. They mention that Derek is in hiding and that they have a game tonight, a game in which Stiles is first line. Stiles has a plan and tells Scott to get the necklace. In class, Scott tries to take the seat beside Allison but Lydia gets there first and Scott is left to sit further away. Scott tells Allison he has some stuff on his phone that he wants to send but after Scott sends it to her, Allison rushes out of the room. Scott follows her where Allison breaks down and tells Scott that she needs time to get to ‘just friends.’

During lunch, Scott tells Stiles that Allison told her not to talk to him. Stiles is eating, talking with his mouth full. Stiles says he came up with a plan B – he has to steal the necklace. As Scott looks up, he notices Jackson looking creepily at him and trying to act like he doesn’t notice. He tells Stiles to talk to him – unfortunately, Stiles chose this moment for his mind to go blank; he can’t stand this pressure. Jackson is no longer at the table, but he’s still watching as he continues to talk to Scott. Scott gets wound up as Jackson uses Allison to push his buttons and slams his tray on the table. Stiles tries to calm him down by telling Scott he can’t let Jackson have this power over him.109TeenWolf0583

Jackson and Allison are swimming and come to a stop. Jackson tells her to come to the game, mentioning that Scott wants her to come. Meanwhile, Scott looks in Allison’s bag hoping to find the necklace. He is unsuccessful. Jackson breaks up with Lydia by text, telling her to give him back the spare key to his house.

Stiles gets into his room and heads straight for the computer, not noticing Derek standing in his room. His dad calls from outside the room and Stiles turns and sees Derek who frantically points at the door signalling Stiles to get rid of his dad. “Yo… Derek.” His dad tells Stiles that he’ll be there at his first game, telling his son that he’s happy for him and and proud. Stiles says he’s happy and proud… of himself. They hug, Stilinski patting his back as Stiles awkwardly says “Huggie huggie.”

Stiles returns to his room to get a face full of Derek as he is shoved against a door. “My house, my rules, Buddy,” Stiles says as he slaps Derek on the arm. Derek glances down to where Stiles just hit him and manages a nod, agreeing to his terms. They are obscenely close to each other in this scene. I noticed a lot of glancing down to lips from both parties and I like it. Derek fixes Stiles’ clothes, a move that Stiles mirrors, and as Stiles leaves from where he’s stood between the door and Derek, Derek gets the last word (or action in this case) as he scares Stiles and makes him jump.109TeenWolf0760

Stiles tells Derek he has a plan in finding the Alpha, mentioning how they used Scott’s phone to text Allison. He knows someone who can track the phone and coincidentally that person just so happens to be his lab partner.  When Danny asks Stiles how he even knows he can do this, Stiles mentions that he’s read his police report. Derek is in his room near Stiles’ bed reading a thick book and when Danny asks Stiles who Derek is, Stiles tells him that’s his cousin, Miguel. Derek looks up. Danny notices the blood on Derek’s shirt and Stiles tells Derek he can borrow one of his shirts. Derek pulls his bloodied shirt off, his tattoo now visible and Stiles gets an idea to use Derek to make Danny do what he wants. “You’re a horrible person” — “Yeah, I know, it keeps me awake at night.” 109TeenWolf0836Danny gets to work on the phone situation and soon enough, with Derek now in a green t-shirt, Danny logs into the phone log and finds out that the text was made from Melissa McCall’s computer at BHMH.