Recap: 1×08 – Lunatic

It’s the full moon. Stiles has changed his name to ‘Biles’ and is now first line. Scott is co-captain but he doesn’t really care.

Stiles takes his buddy to get drunk in the woods, it’s what any best friend would do when they’ve been dumped. Soon enough, Stiles is drunk but Scott is sober and Stiles wonders whether Scott can even get drunk, assuming it’s like his asthma being non-existent.  Stiles is so cute when he’s drunk. “As much as being broken up hurts, being alone is way worse.” Two guys come and ruin the party; they snatch up the bottle of Jack and start their own party; Scott isn’t having any of it and demands the bottle back – his eyes turn yellow and his voice goes into a deep growl. As Scott and Stiles leave, Stiles mentions that the full moon is tomorrow. This is why Scott is acting confrontational. Scott puts Stiles in the passenger seat of the Jeep and turns back. It cuts to the two guys who crashed Stiles and Scott’s party being attacked, one guy is dragged away and the other is tossed into a burning barrel.

It’s Monday, Beacon Hills High School is reopened after being closed on Thursday and Friday. Scott tells his mum that he’s going to get Allison back.

Allison is dropped off to school by Chris and Kate but finds that the door is locked when she tries to get out of the car. Kate unlocks the door, leaning in close to Chris which I find weird. Chris admits he should have acted sooner and listened to her.

At school, no one knows who was involved in the attack and Lydia thanks protection of minors’ laws. Allison asks Lydia if she made a mistake in breaking up with Scott and Lydia reminds her that Scott left them in that classroom.  If Allison has to ask people if she made the right choice, the answer is obvious.

Stiles is waiting outside the school office as Sheriff Stilinski and a few other uniformed men leave. Stiles urges his dad to be careful, especially tonight. Sheriff Stilinski tells Stiles that they’ve brought in State detectives; they’re actually wannabe Winchesters. Stiles leaves to take his test and his dad turns to watch him leave; there’s this undecipherable look on his face like he knows what’s happening but doesn’t know how to broach the subject. Maybe it’s just me hoping Sheriff Stilinski has an inkling of what’s going on.

Scott walks into the exam room and tries to talk to Allison, Mr. Harris tells him to take a seat. Scott sits behind Stiles who is absentmindedly shaking his leg. I don’t think he’s even nervous, just a thing I notice he does a lot.

Mr Harris starts the timer for the test and Scott can’t concentrate with all the noise. All his senses are heightened because of the full moon and Scott can’t take it and rushes out of the room. Stiles follows him. I hope they can retake the test. Stiles finds Scott’s bag in the empty hallway, picks it up and calls his phone. It leads him to the boys’ locker room where he finds Scott under the shower trying to calm down. He says he can’t breathe and Stiles gives him his inhaler which Scott still carries in his bag. Scott wonders if he had an asthma attack but Stiles says it wasn’t; he just thought he was, and using his inhaler tricked his mind – he was actually having a panic attack. Stiles reveals that he used to get them after his mum died. This makes me wonder when it was that Scott and Stiles became friends, if Scott didn’t know this, unless Stiles hide it well. Stiles reminds Scott that he’ll chain him up when the moon is up but Scott think they might need to do more than that because he’s afraid he might kill someone.


In Argent Headquarters, aka their garage, the Hunters discuss their plans for catching the Alpha. Wannabe Winchesters are there too. Chris says the full moon effects the Alpha and he can’t control his instinct to kill, but Kate wonders if this would be the case if the Alpha had something to focus on – this being his vendetta. Chris has a feeling that Kate knows more than she’s letting on but another hunter interrupts, asking Chris what they’re going to do about Derek. Victoria Argent comes in and tells them that they find him and cut him in half before offering them all cookies like it’s the most normal thing in the world to say.

Allison is eating a cookie and Jackson sits beside her and tells her she has something on her lip, taking the crumb away and licking it off his finger – like that’s not weird. Allison asks him if he wants a bite but Jackson swears he hears her ask if he wants THE bite. Jackson goes to touch his neck. As Allison talks to Jackson about Scott, Scott is in the hallways banging his head against the wall. Why does no one notice?

In the locker rooms, Finstock announces that due to a pink eye epidemic (because of Greenberg) Stiles has made first line. I love the way they built this up; Finstock didn’t know whether he wrote a B or an S and Stiles’ face lights up before going dejected until Finstock calls out “Bilinski.” Scott calls Stiles ‘Stiles’ and Stiles tells Scott to call him ‘Biles.’ Finstock then goes on to announce that Scott is now co-captain of the lacrosse team. Scott actually doesn’t care that he’s co-captain mentioning that he can smell the jealousy in the room – the full moon has kicked his senses up to ten. Stiles asks Scott whether he can sense “sexual desire, lust, passion, arrrrrrousal,” and Scott assumes he means Lydia.

When he tells Stiles he knows he’s talking about Lydia, Stiles says no in such a way that I believe him. I actually think that he was wondering whether Derek can smell his arousal because I am sure there is an attraction. Stiles asks Scott to see if he can sense desire from Lydia to Stiles and Scott reluctantly agrees. He’s been obsessing over her since third grade and needs to save himself humiliation. Stiles calls out that he loves him.

Scott asks Lydia if they can talk and he asks Lydia whether Allison still likes him. Lydia says she does – as a friend. Scott gets upset and he starts getting angry. Lydia throws herself at him and they make out. Scott walks to the bench and lies to Stiles, telling him that Lydia likes him. He is being really mean.

During practice, Scott tries making a shot but is rushed down to the ground. It’s Stiles’ go next and Scott pushes into Stiles and takes his place and slams into Danny who’s in goal – they shouldn’t have made contact. I really hate that Stiles didn’t get a chance to try and make a shot. Stiles asks Scott why he hurt Danny, everyone likes Danny and now everyone will hate him; Scott doesn’t care. Lydia runs up to the crowd around Danny and Jackson notices her lipstick is smudged. Stiles sees this and knows what Scott did.

Allison is holding a taser and pointing it at her bear named Mr Bear. After she shoots it, Allison gets upset thinking of Scott and mentions him knowing Derek. Kate guesses that Scott is the other beta and goes to Chris to tell him her theory.

Scott arrives at the McCall house using the front door, he had a key made. He drops a bag on the floor and Stiles says it’s a school project. Melissa says that Scott doesn’t talk to her as he used to and Stiles says he had a rough week.

Stiles goes into Scott’s room and sees him sitting in the chair. He came in through the window. Stiles wants to get set up but Scott doesn’t want to get chained up. Stiles handcuffs him to a radiator instead. Scott is really creepy. I don’t understand why Scott can’t break out of it. Stiles wants payback for him making out with Lydia.

Allison is in a store and checking out weaponry. Jackson is there, he’s getting a helmet for Danny.  Jackson tells her that he looks like she needs someone to talk to.

Stiles brings Scott water in a dog bowl for him. He throws it at him and Stiles gets angry. Stiles tells Scott that Lydia was the one girl – and pauses – he couldn’t say he loves her. Stiles calls Scott a bad friend and Scott tells Stiles that Lydia kissed him, taunting him further by telling him that she would have done anything. Stiles leaves the room and drops down to the floor.

Allison is in the car with Jackson and she asks him not to laugh if she tells him something – she doesn’t think it was Derek at the school and she knows her family are lying to her and knows more about what happened at the school than they do.

Scott tries begging, the moonlight touches his skin and he tries to scramble away from it. It’s not just the full moon, he tells Stiles, it’s Allison breaking up with him and it’s killing him. He feels hopeless. It must be Scott trying to manipulate him. Stiles is in pain as he hears Scott scream but then it goes quiet and he goes inside to find him gone. Scott runs through the woods and there’s a cheesy shot of him jumping on the camera.

Scott sees Allison and Jackson in the car and he sees it as them making out when really Jackson is just telling her what he saw at the school. Scott runs like an animal and jumps on the roof of the car. Allison moves to get out of the car but Jackson stops her. Before Scott can do anything, Derek comes and stops him. I knew he wasn’t dead! Derek tells Scott to stop and they have a bit of a tussle. There are a few wrestling moves which I love. Derek howls at him and Scott comes to his senses. Derek shifts back and Scott, staying in his wolf form, asks Derek what happened – exactly what the Alpha wants to happen, Derek says. I’m trying to see if Derek’s leather jacket has a claw mark through it – if there isn’t, it’s either a continuity error or Derek has many leather jackets.

Stiles is out trying to locate Scott when he comes across a crime scene; his dad is nowhere to be found. As they cart away the body, he sees a burnt hand and his mind goes into overdrive as he panics thinking it’s his dad. At the last minute, the Sheriff calls out Stiles’ name, wondering what’s going on; but instead of answering, Stiles greets him in a bone-crushing hug and his dad just knows.


His father is the only family he has left, and thinking for that one moment that he lost him was unbearable. Stilinski pats his son on the back, letting him know that he’s okay as Chris and Kate watch in the distance.

Derek helps Scott to his room and as Derek goes to leave, Scott calls him back and tells him he can’t do this anymore. He can’t be this and be with Allison. Scott wants Derek to tell him the truth and asks if there’s a cure. Derek says he’s heard of one but doesn’t know if it’s true – you have to kill the one who bit you. Derek tells him that if Scott helps him find the Alpha then he’ll help Scott kill him.

Overlooking Beacon Hills, the Alpha shifts back to human form.

Jackson is in his garage and finds a claw wedged between the roof and passenger door. He slowly opens a drawer where McCall’s lone glove resides and proceeds to place the claw against the fingertip of the glove. His parents were right when they said Jackson has an obsession.