Recap: 1×07 – Night School

The Alpha plays chase with Scott and Stiles. Allison, Jackson and Lydia decide they want to play too.

It continues where it left off last episode; Derek is supposedly dead on the ground, which we all know not to be true because Derek is too pretty to die so soon, and Scott and Stiles have run into the school to escape the wrath of the Alpha.

They realise they have nothing to lock the door with and Stiles sees the bolt cutters just outside the door and without thinking what could happen to him, he runs to get it despite the protests from his friend. I find this admirable in Stiles; he knew the Alpha was outside but still left the relative safety of the school and Scott to do what was needed. Even though the front door isn’t the only way the Alpha can come in – he’s got the choice of hundreds of windows to smash through,  I think it’s all psychology and if you know the door is secure, you have a bit of peace of mind; it calms you down just that little bit.

Scott and Stiles make it to a classroom where Stiles concludes that Deaton is the Alpha – it can’t be a coincidence; Deaton going missing and the Alpha suddenly appearing.  Stiles says that Deaton killed Derek and now they’re next. Scott doesn’t want to believe that Derek is dead, but Stiles tells him that the blood spurting from his mouth was a dead giveaway. Pun intended. Stiles decides that they should make a run for his Jeep but notice that the hood of his baby is mangled. Stiles’ reaction when he thought his baby was dented shows how much he loves that blue beauty and to know that it’s been hurt must hurt him too. A car battery is thrown through the window and they get their answer.

Stiles tells Scott that they need to go somewhere with less windows and they decide to go to the locker room. Scott wants Stiles to call his dad but Stiles is scared that his dad will get attacked if they do; they might have guns but those won’t work against the Alpha. They decide that they can escape in Derek’s car and Stiles suggest they steal his keys from his dead body. Scott wants to take Derek with them and Stiles just goes with it. When Scott thinks he hears someone approaching, they do the sane thing and hide in a locker. This has suddenly turned into a cliché horror movie.

Someone walks in and looks around and Stiles and Scott both cover their mouths because the Alpha won’t be able to hear them if they have their hands over their mouth. They’re safe though because it’s only the janitor, a janitor that Stiles knows by first names: Donny. The Janitor tells the boys to leave but then he’s dragged inside the locker room and killed. Scott looks like he wants to help the man but Stiles pulls him away and together they run.

Allison is waiting for Scott outside her house, she’s on the phone with Lydia and tells her that Scott is only half an hour late. Lydia says that first it’s only thirty minutes late them it’s ‘he only hits me when he’s drunk.’ Jackson arrives in his Porsche and tells Allison that they’ll pick up Scott. Allison gets a text.

Scott and Stiles run to the exit but there’s a dumpster blocking the way, which I find weird since Scott could easily ram it out of the way – screw damages! Stiles doesn’t want to die in school. I think he nearly works himself into a panic attack as he pushes against the door trying to escape. They run to the hallway where Scott sees the Alpha outside; it watches them for a moment before running alongside the school and smashes through the window. Stiles and Scott run.


Jackson, Allison and Lydia arrive at school; Allison got a text from Scott telling them to meet him there. Lydia tells them that they shut the doors at night but they see the front door propped open by the bolt cutters. As Allison goes into the school, Jackson nearly tells her to be careful. He offers to go with her. He was going to say be careful but stops before he does. Lydia sees. “It’s a good look on you,” Allison tells him. Jackson smiles and you can tell it’s sincere. He sees the look on Lydia’s face and he stops smiling.

Stiles gets his keys out and throws it inside a room, the Alpha falls for the trap as it follows the sound and is locked into the room. Stiles gets happy and taunts the Alpha. He just wants to get a look at it. “I’m not scared of this thing,” Stiles tells Scott. He begins to tell the Alpha that he’s not going anywhere when the Alpha escapes. Stiles’ smile drops and he and Scott start running  again.

As Jackson and Lydia wait in the car for Allison, Jackson notices the hood of Stiles’ Jeep looks “crappier than usual.” Jackson is going to go out but Lydia does not want him to leave her alone in the car. They see a claw mark on the metal.