Recap: 1×06 – Heart Monitor

Stiles teaches Scott control in a unique way, Derek attacks Deaton, and Scott comes up with a plan to call the Alpha… which has disastrous consequences.

Scott is in an underground parking lot, bags full of shopping as he tries to find his car. He goes from level three to level four before he gives up and uses his central lock key. He hears the car unlock from one level up but then drops a bottle of milk on the ground; it rolls out of sight before it’s mysteriously rolled back, leaking all over the floor after being clawed. Scott hears a growl, starts running and eventually hides behind a car as he tries to calm his heart knowing that the wolf can hear it. He gives up on this futile attempt and comes up with the idea to jump on all the cars, triggering the alarms. This was pretty fast thinking for Scott. I’m impressed. Now on level two, Scott hides behind another car. He thinks he’s safe but his phone starts ringing, giving away his location. A rough pair of hands grabs Scott by the collar and slams him onto the bonnet of a car. Derek announces that Scott has just died if this was a real attack. It was all a test.

Scott has a go at Derek for scaring the crap out of him and Derek tells him that he hasn’t even started. As Scott continues to moan, Derek simply reminds him that Scott was the one who wanted to teach him how to survive and that’s exactly what he’s doing. I think it’s also to do with the fact that Derek has nowhere to go now that the Hunters forced him out of his home.

Scott wants validation that his idea for the car alarms was pretty smart; Derek doesn’t praise him, simply mentioning the fact that his phone rang. Scott mentions Stiles’ dad getting hurt the other night and says that he needs to control his powers because he feels responsible. Derek admits that he doesn’t even know if he can teach Scott; he was born this way but Scott was bitten. Derek does know one thing, however – Scott can’t have distractions; and with that, he takes Scott phone, shows him that if this was real, Allison’s call would have got him killed and throws the Blackberry, smashing it into pieces. I hope he has insurance. Scott starts to get angry and Derek approves – he needs to tap into his anger to shift, it’s a primal animal rage, and he can’t do that with Allison around. If Derek will teach him, Scott promises to stay away from Allison.


In the next scene Scott and Allison are making out. There’s a knock on her door and she hides Scott in the walk-in wardrobe and lets Kate in. They mention that she’s grounded for skipping school the other day. Kate asks about homework and Allison mentions that she has to do a history report that has significance to her own family history. Kate suggests she search for “la bête du gevaudan” – it’s an old French legend – in 1766 ‘the beast‘ killed over a hundred people, most of which were women and children. When Allison asks what the beast was, Kate tells her to have a look and the picture and tells her what it looks like; she says it looks like a wolf.

As Scott leaves Allison’s house, he hears rustling in the bushes and assumes it to be Derek. He tells him that he knows Derek told him to stay away from Allison but he had to tell her why he wasn’t going to turn up. Scott realises that it’s not Derek from the red glow looking back at him and runs to his car. He scrambles to open the door, which I wonder why because he has central locking, and gets in. He panics a little bit as the Alpha stalks the car and comes up beside the window and draws a spiral on the condensation. I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that he drew the spiral anti-clockwise.

Scott rushes home and into his darkened room where he goes to shut the window and close the blinds. We see Derek sitting in the corner; he doesn’t say anything to alert his presence to Scott and Scott jumps when he sees him. I love the way Derek waits for them to notice him; it’s almost like he’s testing Scott to see if he use his senses or he really just likes to give them a fright.


Derek knows the Alpha paid Scott a visit and asks him what happened. Scott tries and fails to be sarcastic and Derek asks him if he got an ‘impression’ from the Alpha; Scott has to remember his other senses; communication doesn’t have to be spoken. Scott remembers feeling anger coming from the Alpha, not directed at him and mentions it drew a spiral. Derek knows something but doesn’t want to say what it means. Scott knows the spiral has significance; he buried his sister under a spiral. Derek tells Scott that he doesn’t want to know what it means.

Scott lies in bed and wills himself to stay away from Allison the next day. I really like the way it transitioned here. He’s now in school and continues willing himself to stay away from Allison, then Jackson, then Lydia. He goes into class, sees Stiles and takes a breath as he takes a seat behind him. Stiles still isn’t talking to him after he ignored his calls for a whole day. He tries really hard not to talk to Scott but after Scott tells him that he’s trying to control it and has gone to Derek for him, Stiles gives in and tells him that if he was talking to him, he’d call him an idiot for trusting Derek. Stiles turns back and tries to fight it but you see it building up and Stiles turns back and asks Scott what Derek said. Scott smiles. They leave class where they continue their conversation; Stiles thinks that tapping into his animal side to get angry is the worst advice ever, since every time he gets angry he tried to kill – namely Stiles. When Scott tells Stiles that Derek is picking him up after his shift at the animal clinic, Stiles says that is enough time to teach him himself. I love that even though Stiles is human and may not know what he’s doing, he’s always willing to try and he’s always determined.

Allison reads out from a book about the Beast of the Place in France; in 1764-1767 there were murders and the King set his best hunters to kill it. A Hunter was the one to slay the beast, claiming that his wife and four children were the first to fall prey to the creature. Allison shows her a picture in the book and asks her what it looks like; Lydia looks like she will freak out but she stays cool and walks away.

Stiles is eating an apple. Scott is trying to hide behind a World History book in an attempt to avoid Allison. Stiles says he’s a better Yoda than Derek. “Your Yoda I will be.” Stiles leaves and takes his book with him. Allison sees him and tries to go after him. He runs into the Boys’ room and Allison walks away.