Recap: 1×05 – The Tell

It’s Allison’s 17th birthday and Parent-Teacher Conference night. A wild mountain lion appears.

A guy in a terribly stocked video store is fixing a light. There is the sound of a horror movie, I assume of the werewolf sub-genre playing in the background. Jackson and Lydia arrive; Jackson wants to rent “The Hoosiers” but Lydia pays no attention; she wants The Notebook and that’s the end of the discussion as far as she’s concerned. Jackson firmly says that he will not watch the Notebook again – aaaand in the next scene, Jackson has caved. “Can somebody help me find the Notebook?”

The video store is empty and as Jackson looks around, he sees the video store owner dead behind the shelves. He is startled and manages to short the light circuits as the whole store goes into darkness. Lydia, meanwhile, is in her car taking pictures of herself. As you do.

Jackson sees the Alpha crouched down, eyes red, and he hides behind a shelving unit. Jackson is handling this all very well; he’s pretty calm right now. The Alpha creates a domino effect and pushes the shelves; they all fall one after the other and Jackson manages to get pinned face down, kissing the carpet. A shadow passes over him and Jackson stills as the Alpha hovers over him. He doesn’t do anything, however, as he sees the claw marks Derek accidentally gave him in “Magic Bullet.” The wound glows pink/purple and the Alpha flees, smashing through the window and straight past Lydia who screams.


I assume the Alpha, in human form at the time, was the one watching the werewolf movie as he waited for the opportune moment to strike. This means the Alpha in human form was the last person the victim had seen.

Stiles and his dad are parked up in the police cruiser and eating dinner. Sheriff wants his curly fries but Stiles isn’t having any of it and wants his dad to eat healthy. Stiles drinks his drink, biting the straw when the radio goes off. Stiles reaches to grab it but Sheriff slaps his hand away. The station tell the Sheriff of a “possible 187” and Stiles, curly fries in mouth, turns to his dad – he knows there’s been a murder.


Stiles waits in the car as the Sheriff goes about his business and notices Lydia there. Jackson goes off on the Sheriff, calling him a rent-a-cop (rude) and complains that he wants to go home. Shut up, you whiny brat! Stiles gets out and watches silently until a body is carted out; Stiles can’t help but shout this out. The Sheriff looks to Stiles and he shrinks back a little bit in embarrassment.

Derek and Scott watch all of this from the roof of the video store. Scott asks Derek if this is standard practice, that they don’t go killing people in the middle of the night. Scott uses the word ‘we’ compared to the pilot where Scott flipped out other Derek’s use of the word ‘us’ – Scott is slowly coming to come to terms with his new found werewolf status. “We’re predators, we don’t have to be killers,” Derek says. Scott asks why the Alpha is a killer and Derek says that this is what they’re going to find out. As they leave the roof of the video store, we see the spiral symbol on the ground; it’s glowing pink. It almost looks like the sign is waterproof somehow as the patches in-between are rain soaked.


Scott tells Derek that he has a life; he doesn’t care that the Alpha wants him to join his pack which is irresponsible and reckless. Scott tells Derek that he has to go to a parent teacher conference the next day because he’s failing chemistry, and Derek simply asks Scott if he wants to do homework or does he not want to die. I think the choice is pretty clear. Derek reminds Scott that it’s than a week until the next full moon and if he doesn’t kill with the Alpha the Alpha will kill him; it’s a rite of passage into the pack. Scott asks Derek why he can’t sniff out the Alpha while he’s human and Derek tells him that the human scent is different from its wolf counterpart; we’ve seen this when Scott noticed the scent was off when they went to dig up Laura Hale’s body. It has to be Scott because he has a link with the Alpha that he doesn’t understand yet. Derek wants to teach Scott how to use his abilities so Scott can find him.  Scott asks Derek whether Derek will get rid of the Alpha if he helps find him and Derek tells him that he can’t do it alone, he needs Scott there too because there is strength in numbers; they make the individual stronger.

Derek asks Scott what the common denominator is every time he turned back after transforming; after Chris shot him with the arrow and after he got run over by the car (Scott actually mentioned this to Derek?!) Derek then goes on to break Scott’s fingers to reinforce his point; it’s not like simply telling him was enough. Derek tells him that he’ll heal but Scott tells him that it still hurts. This is very telling as to how much pain Derek has been through by the flippant way in which he injured Scott.

In the morning, Kate goes into Allison’s room as she’s leaving for school and gives her a birthday present. It’s a family heirloom and Kate suggests Allison look up their family history. At school, Allison opens her locker to find it full of balloons and as she tries to shove them back in, Scott sees and asks her if it’s her birthday. Allison reluctantly tells him that it is, she doesn’t know how Lydia found out. We find out that Allison is a year older than everyone in her year; she’s seventeen; and Scott assumes correctly that it’s because her family moved a lot. Scott suggests they ditch school for the day.

Mr Harris announces to everyone that those students with a C-minus or below are required to attend the parent-teacher conference. As he walks past Stiles’ desk he asks him if he’s seen Scott. Stiles lifts his head up to pay attention, lifting his gaze away from where he was highlighting a chemistry book like everything in there is important. Before Stiles can answer, Jackson comes into class late and instead of getting told off, Mr Harris places his hand on Jackson’s back and lets him know that if he needs to leave for any reason to let him know. Harris makes his way to the front of the class and with his back turned to the chalkboard, Harris tells Stiles that the chemistry textbook isn’t a colouring book and he should tone it down. Stiles throws the highlighter lid in the air and catches it before turning his attention to Danny, asking him about Jackson, Lydia and what happened the night before. Danny doesn’t know anything even though he’s Jackson’s best friend. Stiles then asks Danny if he finds him attractive, Danny doesn’t answer, but as Stiles waits for one, he loses balance and nearly stumbles off his desk.

Allison and Scott drive away from school for their romantic getaway.

Jackson is in the locker rooms and through the mist he sees two red dots. At first, he’s afraid it’s the Alpha but it ends up being a guy with lights on his earphones. He calms down and turns to see Derek who questions him about what he saw the night before; he knows he saw something. Jackson tells Derek that he didn’t see anything, his voice scared and trembling. Derek tells Jackson to say it slowly, telling him that he will know if he lies. Jackson says it again and before Derek leaves, he roughly grips Jackson by the hair to look at the back of his neck. He tells Jackson he really needs to get the claw marks checked out, smiling as he does so. He likes to be intimidating.

Stiles calls Scott but he’s been ignoring his calls, too busy with Allison instead of focusing on the important things.

Scott and Allison are in the woods where he tells her that if they get caught for skipping school, he’ll take the fall for her. When Allison asks him what he’d do to keep out of trouble, he says he can always blame Allison to which she replies that she’ll take him down too. I think these lines will have some importance later on.

Lydia is in her bedroom and is high on drugs. Mrs Martin comes in and tells her that there’s a Stiles to see her. “What the hell is a Stiles?” As Stiles sits on the bed, Lydia feels Stiles’ biceps and says she feels fantastic. Stiles bets that she can’t say “I saw Suzie sitting in a shoe shine shop.” Lydia, not backing down from a bet tries to say it but gets stuck on “I saw…” Her eyes glaze over and she slowly says that she saw something. Stiles asks her if she thought she saw a mountain lion and she agrees. He then picks up a giraffe and asks her to tell him what it is and she says it’s a mountain lion. Lydia collapses on Stiles and Stiles trembles. I like the way they did this.


Stiles announces that he’s leaving but while he’s at the door, Lydia tells him to stay. Stiles bursts out in a smile and sits back down only to have his bubble burst when he realises that Lydia thinks he’s Jackson in her drugged state. “Aaaand we’re done here.” Lydia gets the text from Allison and not being alert enough to answer it, Stiles picks up her phone to see the footage of the Alpha at the video store.