Recap: 1×04 – Magic Bullet

Kate Argent comes to town. Derek gets shot with a wolfsbane bullet and has 48 hours to live unless they find a magic bullet.

Kate is driving through Beacon Hills at night. The news on the radio talks about the animal attacks and she snorts and puts on some music. It seems like she is completely unaware of the Alpha running beside her car. The Alpha attacks, breaking the driver side window and trying to claw at her. Kate makes it out of her car, a shotgun in her hand as she shoots a shot in the air. “Come on!”

Scott is in his room sleeping when he hears the gunshot and a howl. Without thinking or hesitating, Scott gets dressed. Kate switches from a shotgun to a sniper rifle and gets a special bullet out from a small wooden box.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent gets ready to leave, telling Allison that her Aunt Kate is having a car trouble; she has a flat tyre, apparently.

Derek is tracking the Alpha, he doesn’t seem to be aware that there are Hunters involved now. He bends down to find blood on the ground and looks up to see the Alpha watching him before running. Derek makes chase, doing some fancy acrobatics along the way. As he jumps from one crate to another, Derek is shot by Kate and falls to the floor in agonising pain. He tries to get up but it hurts.

Chris turns up and warns Kate to put the gun away. We find out that he called Kate to assist them in finding and killing the Alpha and assume that Derek will lead the way to the Alpha. Scott watches from behind a crate as Kate tells Chris that she gives the werewolf she shot 48 hours to live, if that.

Derek lifts up his sleeve and reveals his bullet wound; blue smoke is wafting out of it.

The next morning, Allison greets Kate and other to unpack, her hand reaching for the black duffel containing her weapons. Kate gets protective and grips her wrist stopping her and laughs it off like she didn’t just act completely psycho. We find out that they haven’t seen each other in a year and Allison asks Kate if everything was all right with the car. Kate says that she simply needed a jump start, which is very peculiar seeing as Chris said she had a flat tyre. Allison picks up on this.

In World History class, Stiles go through the possibilities of who the new Alpha is, wondering whether the Argents know about the Alpha or whether he was the one to kill the bus driver in hospital. Scott snaps at Stiles and Stiles says that there’ll be no more talking about the Alpha or Derek. “Especially Derek who still scares me.” They receive their tests back from class – Stiles got an A while Scott got a D-minus which isn’t like him. Stiles tells Scott that he needs to study more and Scott tells him that he’ll be studying with Allison after school that day. “That’s my boy.” Stiles tells Scott that if he’s to live vicariously through Scott, he expects him to not waste this opportunity with Allison or else he will have him de-balled.

Derek looks pale, sweaty and out of it as he walks through the hall. He sees Jackson and asks him where Scott McCall is and Jackson doesn’t answer, simply saying that he wants what Scott is having. “I asked you politely and I only do that once.” As Derek leaves after not getting what he wants from Jackson, he tries to stop him, holding derek back. Derek pushes Jackson against a locker and in the process, he manages to leave deep claw marks on the back of Jackson’s neck.

Derek focuses on his hearing and listens in on a conversation Allison is having with Lydia; she mentions that Scott will be studying with her after school and Lydia suggests she give Scott as taste – she’s talking about sex. When Allison questions going there after only one date, Lydia tells her not to be a total prude.

The school bell rings marking the end of the day and Stiles hops into his car ready to go home until Derek has his hand up in front of Stiles’ car before collapsing on the ground. Scott, who looks back after hearing a symphony of car horns, sees Derek on the ground and moans silently at Derek. It’s not his fault he got shot with a deadly bullet and is after you for help. I will excuse Scott because he doesn’t know that Derek was the one who was shot the night before. Scott asks Derek why he isn’t healing and Derek tells him that it’s because they used a different kind of bullet. Stiles asks if it was a silver bullet and Derek calls him an idiot. His eyes start shifting to blue uncontrollably. Derek needs him to know which bullet Kate used or else he’ll die. Scott asks him why he should help and Derek simply says that he needs him; the Alpha calls him out against his will so next time, he will have to either kill with him or die. Scott shoves Derek into Stiles’ Jeep and they drive away just as Allison turns up. He tells her that he’ll meet her at the Argent house. If they’re going to the same place why doesn’t he put the bike in her boot and go together?

They make it to the house at the same time, Allison is confused at first but Scott tells her that he knows a shortcut which is plausible because they’ve only lived there for just over a month. They make it up to her room and Allison wastes no time in going in for a kiss. They make it on the bed; things are going smoothly until Scott realises his claws have come out and hides his hands under the covers. His phone starts ringing and Scott is all for ignoring the call not wanting to get his hands out in case they’re still clawed but when Allison makes a move to get it, Scott gets there first and his hands are fine. It’s a text from Stiles asking him if he’s found the bullet yet.

“Try not to bleed out on my seat.” Stiles is about to take Derek to his house but Derek doesn’t want to go while he’s not strong enough to defend himself. He needs Stiles. Derek says he has a last resort and lifts his sleeve to look at the wound. Stiles looks disgusted. “Oh my god, what is that? Is that contagious? You know you should probably just get out.” — “Start the car or I’m gonna rip your throat out with my teeth.” I love their scenes.