Recap: 1×03 – Pack Mentality

After Scott has a dream eerily similar to the events of a murder on the same night, Scott’s afraid that he’s responsible and goes to Derek for help.

It starts at school, Scott and Allison sneak away for some alone time. They end up in a school bus, and after watching each other from opposite ends, Scott makes a move and hovers above Allison, leaning in for a kiss. Things get heated and Scott’s fingernails turn into claws, tearing into the seat. He tells Allison to get away, hiding his face from her as she approaches him. When Allison sees Scott’s face in all its werewolf glory, she tries to run but Scott grabs her by the ankles and drags her to him. Allison fights him off as best she can, kicking him away before rushing to the doors but as she frantically tries to open the door and escape, Scott stalks his prey and is on her. Scott wakes with a start.

The next day, Scott tells Stiles about his dream – he woke up before he killed her and says that he’s never had a dream where he woke up sweating like crazy and feeling like he can’t breathe. Stiles says that he has dreams like that all the time; it ends a little differently though. Scott doesn’t want to know the details of Stiles’ adventures in bed, and clarifies that he’s never had a dream that felt so real. Stiles tells Scott that he thinks he’s been handling the whole becoming a werewolf thing “pretty, freaking amazingly” which has a lot to do with Stiles being there for him and refusing to let him deal with this alone. Stiles will always have Scott’s back.¬†Scott mentions he seek out a werewolf teacher – meaning Derek – and Stiles replies by hitting him on the back of the head. Just as Scott says that the dream felt so real it’s like it actually happened, they open the front doors and walk into a crime scene. The school bus has blood stains everywhere and the back door is ripped from the outside with claw marks on the inside.

Scott panics and tries to text Allison but she’s not answering. His heart rate rockets in fear and for a moment Scott loses it and punches a locker. I’m surprised that no one reacted to this. As he storms off, he bumps into Allison and is relieved to know she’s all right. “You scared the hell outta me,” Allison tells Scott, not knowing just how scared Scott was for her. Jackson, meanwhile, goes to his locker to find it heavily dented and as Scott looks on, Jackson greets him. “What are you looking at, asswipe?”

In science class, Scott and Stiles theorise over where the blood came from. Stiles suggests he killed and ate a rabbit and Scott is squeamish and wonders if he ate it raw. “No, you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.” I love Stiles and his sarcasm. The teacher, Mr. Harris, tells Stiles that he isn’t being as quiet as he thinks he is and suggests he and Scott get some distance between them, phrasing it like a question that Stiles answers with a cute and whiny no. Scott goes to sit next to the unknown girl (who I will call Rita) from the Pilot. I don’t understand why Rita is wearing a hat in class, isn’t there a rule against that? Rita jumps up from her seat and announces that something is happening. They see someone being wheeled away on a stretcher. They think he’s dead but he suddenly jolts up and everyone jumps back. “Dead guys can’t do that,” Stiles says. Scott thinks he did it and feels guilty.

During lunch, Stiles tells Scott that dreams aren’t memories but Scott doesn’t think it was a dream; it happened but he just can’t remember. Scott, now more than ever, wants to go to Derek for answers. He tells Stiles that during the full moon, Derek was in total control, he didn’t even transform. Scott decides that he has to cancel the date with Allison, he can’t put her life in danger. This is a step up from the last episode where Scott wanted to play in the lacrosse game despite knowing that the violent premise of the game could have turned him. He’s acting more responsible. However, Stiles tells Scott not to cancel – not yet; he doesn’t believe Scott did this and he wants to figure it out before Scott cancels his entire life because of this. Just then, Lydia sits beside them and Stiles lets out a noise of surprise. Wherever they sit is now the cool table because of Scott’s new role in the lacrosse team. Jackson kicks someone out of their seat and they start discussing the possible animals who attacked the man; Danny suggests it was a cougar and Jackson says he heard it was a mountain lion. Lydia snaps and tells Jackson that a mountain lion is a cougar, but when she realises her slip, she makes it seem like she was asking a dumb question.

Stiles takes out his phone [Sony Ericsson Xperia, which is the same as mine thank you very much] and plays a video where it’s revealed that a man named Garrison Meyers was the victim. Scott knows who it is: he was a bus driver back when Scott used to live with his dad. In hopes of changing the subject to a happier one, Lydia asks Allison and Scott where they’re going tomorrow night as she invites herself and Jackson to tag along. Stiles, showing his frustration in the only way he can: shoving food in his mouth and making cute faces. “You know what else sounds fun, stabbing myself in the face with this fork.” You do that, Jackson. Lydia suggests bowling since Jackson loves to bowl and Scott somehow tells everyone that he’s a great bowler.

“You’re a terrible bowler,” Stiles tells Scott once lunch is over. Stiles tells him that this is how it all begins, first they hang out and then they are friend zoned – he might as well be the gay best friend. Changing subjects ever so lightly, Stiles mentions that he thinks Danny doesn’t like him and asks Scott if he thinks he’s attractive to gay guys. Scott doesn’t pay attention though since he’s a bit preoccupied with the idea that he might have attacked someone.