Recap: 1×02 – Second Chance at First Line

It’s Scott’s first game as first line and he really wants to play…

It continues straight from where it left off last episode with Scott finding out that Allison’s dad was the hunter who tried to kill him. Scott ends up in the locker rooms and pulls off his uniform, staring blankly as he lets this newfound information sink in. Stiles walks past him in, sees the look on Scott’s face and assumes this all has to do with Allison. He asks Scott if he had a chance to apologise to her he says he did, Stiles then goes on to ask if he got a second chance and Scott says he did. Stiles breaks out into a smile, telling him it’s all good and begins to walk away but Scott breathes out a no and Stiles backtracks. “No?” Everything worked out perfectly except for the minor detail that Allison’s dad is out for his blood.  I love the way they did this, it was almost like they were finishing each other’s sentences. “Her dad…” — “shot me… — “Allison’s father…” — “shot me with a crossbow!” It still hasn’t sunk in for Stiles and he tries to say it again and Scott says it even louder as he begins to panic and wallow in his unfortunate circumstances. Stiles tells him to snap out of it – Argent didn’t recognise him so it will be fine so he should focus on lacrosse for the time being. Stiles pats Scott on the arm and stumbles out of the locker room.

Finstock puts Jackson on defence and tells him to use the bigger lacrosse stick today, meaning Jackson will be a bigger dick than usual. It’s Scott’s turn to go up against Jackson and try to score a goal, but when he runs up to Jackson, he’s easily thrown to the ground. Finstock mocks Scott, telling him that his dead grandmother can do better. Scott’s eyes glow yellow as he runs back to go again; this time he injures Jackson, slamming into his shoulder. Stiles immediately springs to action and takes Scott away; Scott can’t control it, and as they run back to the boys’ locker room, we see Derek standing by the benches watching it all go down. Like the last time he was standing still in the distance, he’s stood with his legs spread quite far apart. I wonder what this means…

In the locker room, Scott loses it and goes after Stiles, trying to hunt him down as his bloodlust takes over. He literally sees red as he chases him. Stiles is by the exit, he can leave, but he chooses to grab the fire extinguisher and turns it on Scott. He holds the fire extinguisher to his chest just outside the door and Scott weakly calls out Stiles’ name. Scott has no memory of what just happened and Stiles tells him that it’s the game that’s doing it; it’s the anger; the rising of his pulse is the trigger. Scott tells him that lacrosse is a pretty violent game and Stiles doesn’t dispute that but says that it would be more violent if he plays and accidentally kills someone. He can’t play on Saturday. “But I’m first line.” — “Not anymore.”

At home, Melissa tells Scott that she’s going to work; she’s a nurse at the hospital. She says that she’ll take Saturday night off and Scott protests, Melissa tells him that one shift won’t break them. Melissa notices something wrong with Scott’s eyes and he panics for a second before she tells him it looks like he hasn’t slept for days. Scott blames it on stress and homework and Melissa hopes that’s all it is, mentioning drugs. Scott asks if she means if he’s on drugs right now and Melissa is shocked and asks him if he’s ever taken drugs, to which Scott turns it around and asks Melissa the same thing. Melissa doesn’t answer him, simply telling her son to get some sleep. Scott can be so confused at times. It’s adorable.

Instead of going to sleep, Scott has a webcam conversation where Stiles lets him know that Jackson suffered a separated shoulder and they don’t know if he’ll be able to play on Saturday; everyone’s counting on him now. As they’re talking, Stiles goes silent and goes closer to his screen, noticing something he feels the need to type out instead of say. The stream freezes for a moment, making the message delayed and Scott waits. The message warns Scott that it looks like someone is behind him and instead of simply turning around, Scott changes screens on his computer to maximise his webcam image.


There is someone standing behind him and as he turns around, Derek Hale pounces, pushing  Scott against the wall and threatening to kill him if he exposes his new found werewolf abilities. I think these are empty threats, he wouldn’t kill a child, but I think it’s the only way he knows how to assert his authority – threats and violence. I hope Scott keeps his window shut next time. Also, why did Derek stand there for so long? Why wait for Stiles to warn him – unless this is Derek’s love for dramatics showing. I could just imagine Stiles going crazy as he watched Scott get shoved against the wall and threatened…