Recap: 1×01 – Wolf Moon

Scott McCall lived a very, very, very mild lifestyle. Until he gets bitten and turns into a teen wolf.

The police are on a search. It’s dark – they’re in the woods – and they have sniffer dogs as they scour the area. It cuts to Scott McCall who’s getting a few chin-ups in before he gets ready for an early night. Just as he finishes brushing his teeth and washing his face, he hears a sound and goes out to investigate armed with a baseball bat. He’s on the front porch looking around when Stiles Stilinski, his best buddy, drops by. Literally. They scream in each others faces and Scott asks him what he’s even doing at his house so late at night; he thought Stiles was a predator. A sexual predator. Stiles informs Scott that he eavesdropped on his dad’s phonecall to find that the Beacon Hills Police Department as well as the State Department are searching for a dead body that two joggers found in the woods.

Scott: “A dead body?”
Stiles: “No, a body of water.”

The victim is a girl in her twenties, Scott finds out; and he wonders why the police are searching if they’ve already found the body. That’s the best part, Stiles tells him, they only found half her body. The duo drive up to Beacon Hills Preserve, ignoring the sign telling them there’s no entry after dark. It’s not like rules are there for a reason. They have flashlights. It’s all good. Scott voices his uncertainty of going through with their search but Stiles reminds Scott that he’s the one who’s always bitching about nothing happening in the town. He slaps Scott on the back and runs into the woods.

Scott moans that he wanted to get a good night’s sleep for a lacrosse game the next day even though he’s on the bench. Scott’s determined to make first line this year and Stiles admires his spirit in a way only he can: “Everyone should have a dream, especially a pathetically, unrealistic one.” I really like the way they can say things like that and know that it’s all lighthearted. It shows just how long they’ve known each other. We see this in the way Scott smiles and shakes his head, like this is a typical Stiles thing to do and he loves that about him.

As they trudge through the woods, Scott asks Stiles which half of the body the police already found. Stiles admits that he didn’t think about that. Scott then asks him if he thought about the possibility of the killer still being out there and Stiles offhandedly admits that he didn’t think of that either. This is beginning to feel like the start of something terrible. “It’s comforting to know you planned this out with your usual attention to detail.” I think he’s being sarcastic. I like it. I also like that Stiles is spontaneous. Scott gets out of breath and takes a puff of his inhaler before running to catch up with Stiles; but before he can catch up, Stiles runs straight into the arms of an officer who demands to know what he’s doing there. The Sheriff arrives and takes responsibility for his (delinquent – his words, not mine) son, asking Stiles if he listens in on all his phonecalls. Stiles admits that he does, but not to the boring ones. The Sheriff has a feeling that Scott is with Stiles since they’re always together, but Stiles covers for him, telling his dad that Scott had an early night. Scott continues to hide behind the tree; he can make his presence known at any time and won’t get in too much trouble. Let it be known that it was his choice to stay behind. As the Sheriff escorts Stiles back to his Jeep, Scott leaves to make his own way back. I will point out that Scott is wearing a red hoody, and not only is he wearing it, but he has the hood up.

There are faint howls in the distance and as Scott shakes his inhaler to take another hit, a herd of deer charge towards him and his inhaler flies out of his hands. He uses the light from his phone to search for his inhaler, shining it on the leaves when the light passes the top half of the dead girl; eyes open and intestines hanging out. That answers the question to which half of the body the police found. Scott takes a tumble and falls down a steep hill. He gets up to brush himself off only to come across yet another frightening thing: a werewolf. I think it looks more like a gorilla and I’m sure it has ginger fur. Scott gets attacked and bitten – the shot of him howling in pain is awkward. Scott manages to get away and finds his way back to the road where he nearly gets run over by a dark red SUV. The car manages to swerve out of the way not even stopping to see if the lone boy walking down the road in the middle of the night needed help. If this was a horror movie, I would give the driver all the awards.

Scott lifts up his top and we see that he has a nasty looking bite on his right side. He’s lucky the werewolf only bit him and didn’t rip his flesh after it dug its teeth in. What sounds a lot like Christmas music starts playing; all jingles and bells as Scott stands on the middle of the road. A wolf howls in the distance.